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9 beauty storage solutions you are going to love

Beauty lovers gather round…

9 beauty storage solutions you are going to love

Do you love make-up but struggle to store your eyeliners, blushers and all your cosmetic brushes neatly? Or maybe you have so many beauty products you can never find the specific shade you’re looking for?

So why not organise your space?

If that’s the case, then don’t panic as you’re not alone.  Getting dressed and putting on make-up is one of the first things many of us do in the morning – and if you're getting ready in a messy space, it can easily affect your mood for the rest of the day. 

So why not organise your space? Although it can be a daunting task (especially if it's something you haven't done for a while), when you see the finished outcome it makes all the hard work worthwhile.

This year, get a fresh start and tidy up your cosmetic clutter by creating a manageable home beauty station from storage you already have at home. From cake stands to plant pots and wine racks to lanterns – it seems there are answers to our storage problems in all of our homeware!


Tidy up all those beautiful pallets you have by placing them in metal basket. Not only does it look great but you’ll be able to find your make-up in an instance!


Make-up brushes, cotton ear buds and eye shadows would look great in glass lanterns. But by the looks of things, you could pretty much stash anything and everything in there.


Because this is what trays are supposed to be used for, right?

Plant pots

Forget putting plants in your average plant pot, store your brushes, lip glosses and beauty bits in them instead.


How creative are these? We all love a candle, but our cosmetics look so much nicer on these holders.

Empty jars

Whatever you do with your jars – make sure you don’t chuck them away! Wash them out, dry them up and then they are ready to be used as a certified storage hack. 

Cake stand

Show off your perfumes in style!

Shoe holder

Possibly the holy grail of all make-up storage solutions? We think so. 

Magazine holder

Beauty lovers rejoyce! You’ll never have to untangle a cord again.

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