FOUND! 5 Fail-Safe Foundations For Every Skin Type

The ultimate beauty buy for a glowing complexion

FOUND! 5 Fail-Safe Foundations For Every Skin Type

A flawless complexion doesn't have to cost a fortune. In fact, you can achieve beautiful, long-lasting coverage for under a tenner! Which is great news for beauty lovers, since foundation is probably the most-used product in your beauty arsenal and the quickest to run out. That's why we've found five of the best foundations to solve your skin woes, that WON'T break the bank. Whether you want to wake up a tired complexion, hydrate dry skin or find coverage that lasts from morning till night, discover the best foundations that will feel like a second skin. 

It doesn't matter how long your lashes are or how beautiful that shade of lipstick is, if your skin looks cake-y or blotchy then the whole look is off. That's why opting for the best foundation for your skin type is so important. Pick a foundation that delivers even coverage any time, while nourishing skin and leaving you looking and feeling your best. We've scoured the cosmetics counter for the best foundations to cover up dark eye circles, even out skintone and leave skin glowing. These are the beauty heroes you want to make space for this spring...

The best foundation for long-lasting wear

You might look gorgeous when stepping out of the house in the morning, but if it's not long-lasting then it's not worth it! Especially now that temperatures are warming up and make-up runs the risk of slipping away in the heat. Enter beauty giant L'Oreal's 24H Infallible Foundation, £7, with non-stop, long wear that will take you from morning to night, looking perfectly flawless. With extra hydration, this clever buy will also leave you with a beautiful, dewy finish. 

The best foundation for dry skin

If your skin is naturally dry, it can be difficult to find a foundation that hydrates, gives even coverage and lasts all day without flaking. Fortunately, new technology means that foundations for dry skin are better than ever. Maybelline's unique, gel-whipped Dream Mousse Foundation, £6.98, is ideal for dry skin types, thanks to hydrating ingredients that won't irritate the skin. With coverage that lasts for 14 hours, this one's a real winner. 

The best foundation in between seasons

Still sporting that winter, erm, glow (aka paleness)? You're not alone. But even if you plan on warming up a shade or two over the next few months (don't forget the suncream!), you can still find the perfect match to wake up tired skin and provide even coverage. Max Factor Colour Adapt Foundation, £9.98, made with clever colour adapting particles will even out skin tone and blend away any imperfections, matching seamlessly to your complexion. It's the perfect solution for covering up in that tricky in between period. 

The best foundation for combination skin

When it comes to beautiful coverage for combination skin, a matte foundation is a brilliant choice. Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse, £5.98, foundation will mop up excess oil while retaining dewy, hydrated skin. And the best part about this brilliant buy is that a little product goes a long way, making your money stretch even further. 

The best foundation for oily skin

Max Factor Miracle Touch Liquid Illusion Foundation, £12.98, is a lightweight formula with a silky texture that easily glides over skin, without clogging pores. Great for buildable coverage, for best results apply with a compact sponge to the centre of your face and blend outwards. Gorgeous!

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