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Can Cameron Diaz change the way you feel about ageing?

The actress wants to redefine beauty with her new wellbeing book

Can Cameron Diaz change the way you feel about ageing?

Cameron Diaz, 43, has a few things to say about ageing in her new wellbeing tome, The Longevity Book. Championing ageing naturally over using cosmetic procedures and citing taking care of yourself as the key to ageing well, Diaz is taking a stand against the nip and tuck  and PhotoShop-obsessed world of beauty. By encouraging women to embrace ageing and, perhaps even more than that, helping us to consciously realise that we can age well without unnatural aids by showing her laughter lines, Cameron hopes to start a frank and honest conversation about ageing.


HELLO Again, Ladies! I am so excited I can barely contain myself!! As soon as I saw it myself, I wanted to share with you the cover of THE LONGEVITY BOOK. I am so proud of this book and very much looking forward to engaging us all in a new conversation about aging–how to do it with strength, grace, health and wisdom. I also wanted to thank you again for your beautiful submissions, which we’ll eventually get to show you as part of the cover beyond the cover; a perfect representation of women standing beside other women, as a united front, to stage change and incite progress. I can’t wait until hard copies hit the stands in April so we can really get started!! #thelongevitybook #theprivilegeoftime @thebodybook ox, Cameron

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In a post on her blog The Body Book entitled Embracing Age & Celebrating Life with Cameron Diaz, she writes: “I’m interested in engaging us all in a conversation… This time I want to talk about one of the biggest taboos in our society. AGEING. I wanted to write this book so that we could understand what ageing really is. And what I found was ageing isn’t about getting old, it’s about LIVING… and I want you to live the happiest, longest and healthiest life possible.

"From thinking that you have to go out in search of things externally, into a world of confusing messages that tell you how you should LOOK, and what you have to buy and buy into to do so. I say let’s take this conversation beyond what’s superficial… it’s more than wrinkles, grey hairs and sagging—it’s about your cells and what happens deep within them, because there’s nothing superficial about senescence, phenotypes and telomeres."

Rather than championing one be all and end all cure to ageing, Diaz discusses how a lack of time is to blame for many of our ageing woes. Explaining how counterintuitive this is, she says: “But to add time to your lifetime you have to make time for the things that impact your health and wellness the most. That’s just what needs to be done. That being said I have some good news for you. You see the five pillars of wellbeing and living a long happy healthy life happen to be activities that for the most part we all do already; eating, moving your body, getting a good nights sleep, relief of stress, and connecting with the ones we love… that sounds a lot like living doesn’t it?” 

We can definitely get on board with that.

The Longevity Book is due to be published on April 5. In the meantime sure to head in store to pick-up our selection of healthy books to inspire you.