Candy Cane eyeliner is the sweetest festive make-up trend

Bring on the eye candy

Candy Cane eyeliner is the sweetest festive make-up trend

Every year, there's a festive beauty trend that seems to take over on Instagram. Last year, everyone was obsessed with putting glitter everywhere - from glitter roots, to glitter eyebrows, to even glittery armpit hair. 

We were still finding glitter on our bedsheets well into January.

This year's emerging make-up trend is definitely less messy, but technically more tricky to master. 

Beauty bloggers are stepping their eyeliner game up for Christmas by replacing the usual black strip of liner with red and white stripes, made to look like little candy canes. 

Now, if you tend to struggle even doing a straight line when you're putting on eyeliner, and if your cat eyes tend to turn out looking more like black eyes, then you might be thinking this look isn't for you. 

However, we're assured it's quite simple. 

All you need is some red and white liquid liners.

First, use the white liner to draw a thin line, drawing it upwards into a flick at the end (like a cat eye). Then, go over it until you have a thick, sharp line.

Then, use red liner to add the red spots along the line. If you're feeling brave, finish it off by adding a thin black line with an eye pencil to the upper and lower lash lines. 

Then, it's up to you how fancy - and festive - you go. You can use gold shadow on your lids, add a little glitter along the candy cane strip, or even paint your eyebrows red, as shown in this tutorial. 

Then, all you need to add is your Christmas jumper and you're all set for the festive period. 

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