Christmas makeup

Look at the amazing Christmas scene this girl created on her eyelids

Four hours well spent, we say

Look at the amazing Christmas scene this girl created on her eyelids

If you’re looking to jazz up your make-up this year for Christmas, then we have the perfect beauty trend to follow.

Beauty bloggers have already stepped up their festive eyeliner game by replacing the usual black strip of eyeliner with red and white stripes, made to look like little candy canes.

But now, it seems that one self-taught beauty guru has gone one step further to create an actual snowy scene complete with a Christmas tree, present and a festive setting.

Seventeen-year-old Ali Nordahl took to Instagram to show her followers what magic she could create on her lids with just her make-up tools - and as you can see, it's stunning. 

The beauty buff created the effect of a starry night by using a grey and black smoky colour for the base. Then, she painted on yellow stars with gold glitter and even had the patience to draw a Christmas tree complete with decorations and tinsel.

And if that wasn't enough, the creation also includes a reindeer and white liner which is supposed to be snow. 

Her social media followers loved it, with one image receiving over 3,000 likes. Comments underneath included "This is absolutely amazing," and "so talented!".

She's since created another festive look - she's calling this one 'festive alien'. It features another starry night and dripping icicles.

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