Christmas Tree Hair Is Fabulously Festive

Would you try this weird but wonderful look this holiday season?

Christmas Tree Hair Is Fabulously Festive

If you thought that glitter strobing and Christmas jumper nails were over-the-top, then you won't believe the latest holiday beauty trend making waves on Instagram. 

Introducing, Christmas tree hair! That's right, people are taking their hair dos to new heights (literally!) and styling their locks into Christmas trees.

It sounds bizarre but we have to admit that it's pretty impressive.

First hair is styled into an upside-down cone shape, before decorated with ornaments, tinsel and even Christmas tree lights!

Wondering how to achieve this gravity-defying look? According to the Daily Mail,  an empty water bottle or cone is placed on top of the head as a guide. "The hair [is] then smoothed up over the top of the bottle or cone and held in place with a hair elastic and hair spray." Simple!


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To really re-create the Christmas tree look, some people even dye their tresses green! That's what we call commitment... 


#glitterbeard and #christmastreehair are my hubs festive attire today

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What do you think about this festive trend - a fun way to embrace the holiday season or just bizarre? Let us know on social media using #asdagoodliving.