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Cinnamon Swirl hair is the hot new hair colour trend you need to try

The bakery-inspired 'do is taking the hair world by storm

Cinnamon Swirl hair is the hot new hair colour trend you need to try

Get ready ladies – the hair trend that'll have you salivating has landed. And yes, you read that right - this hair trend is based around your favourite breakfast treat, the Cinnamon Swirl.

Created by New York City’s Cutler Salon hairstylist Ryan Pearl, this new trend takes its cue quite literally from the breakfast item by mixing dark and light blonde tones. And the best thing is, due to its mix of honey, nutmeg and cinnamon shades, it’s ultra wearable and flatters most complexions. We love it already.

Just like all baked cinnamon swirls are slightly different, so are the shades of this hairstyle. Rather than being a ‘one shade fits all’ colour you’ll need to ask your hair stylist to use a mix of foils and some freehand painting to ensure the lighter tones work to frame your face. This gives the look much more depth, plus it's great news for those with busy schedules as the colour is much faster to achieve than the current trend for ombre hair colour.

The aptly titled 'Cinnamon Swirl’ is just one of the latest in a dozen of bakery themed hairstyles – from models Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid's 'croissant' buns at last week’s Chanel couture show, to last year's 'chocolate chip hair' (a 'melted' blende of blonde and brunette hues, created by Ryan Pearl himself), we expect to see a lot more patisserie inspired ‘dos coming our way.

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images courtesy of Ryan Pearl @ryanpearl23 and model Natalia Borges @natalia_borges