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Here’s how to colour your hair at home like a pro

Say goodbye to your #HairFails

Here’s how to colour your hair at home like a pro

Let’s face it, going to the hairdresser can be as much as a weekly food shop, but the other option of colouring your hair at home can often end in disaster. 

After using Color Expert, hair looks strong and healthy with a luminous shine

We’ve all been there when that light shade of mocha you put on your hair shockingly turns out to be more of an orange tinge.

Or how about when you wash your hair and that ‘permanent’ colour you used, seems to just wash straight off?

And don’t even get us started about the amount of split ends constant hair dying can encourage (sob!)

For all those who don’t know just how bad it can get, type in the phrase ‘hair fails’ on social media to see what other horrendous outcomes the rest of the world has mistakenly done to their hair.

But there are ways that you can avoid these hair fails. We spoke to Schwarzkopf Color Expert Ambassador, Carolyn Newman who gave us some top tips to make your home hair dying experience a success.

How should you apply colour to your hair?

According to Carolyn, if you try and work in neat and fine sections that always helps. 

She said: "Color Expert is ideal for colouring grey hair as it smoothes the coarse texture of grey hair as well as providing 100% coverage. Apply the colour to the grey areas first and massage the colour firmly onto the hair. On previously coloured hair – apply to the roots first, develop as per the instructions and then add a small amount of water to emulsify the colour and smooth to the ends for 5-10 minutes to freshen up. On dark coloured hair, only freshen up for 2- 5 minutes."

For all those longer haired goddesses amongst us, if you wanted a more natural effect, Carolyn advises applying colour to the roots and after processing, comb lightly through to the lengths and ends to create a softer, natural result. 

She added: "Once processed, always rinse the colour out really thoroughly until the water runs clear using your fingertips on the scalp to massage the colour off. After rinsing, start off by applying a small amount of repair sealer, work it through the hair and if it feels it needs more, add a little more. Leave for 2 minutes and then rinse thoroughly."

How can you avoid making your hair dry and brittle?

It's all down to the product you use. Schwarzkopf Color Expert uses a new technology called Omegaplex®. It may sound pretty technical, but Omegaplex® is simply a brand new technology that has, "exploded onto the scene over the past year" and prevents hair breakage. We like the sound of that! Omegaplex® targets and reinforces the micro-bonds inside each hair fibre, which can often be damaged when hair colouring. And if you're sat reading this rolling your eyes, tests show that 87% of users agreed that Color Expert visibly improved their hair quality. 

What shade should you go for?

Often when it comes to choosing the right colour, it's hard to know if it's going to suit you. And let's face it, the colour on the box always comes out differently on your hair. 

But according to Carolyn, there's a very simple test you can do to get the right colour. All you'll need is a bright orange scarf and a bright pink scarf.

Carolyn said: "Hold each one individually under your chin under a good light in front of the mirror. The correct scarf tone will make your eyes sparkle and give you a natural healthy glow. The wrong tone will make you look sallow and dull. If it is the pink scarf, this means you have a cool skin tone and  you will suit ash blonde, chocolate brown, aubergine and dark, inky black. If it is the orange scarf, this means you have a warm skin tone and suit light blonde, golden blonde, chestnut brown and warm browns. 

"Bright red hair colour can suit both skin tones, but it especially works well with fairer skin types and blue eyes."

How can you make the colour last?

Colour fade is often one of the most annoying things about dying your hair. Once you start - you have to manage the upkeep. However, with the long lasting permanent Color Experts, Carolyn said fading shouldn’t happen too quickly. However, there are a couple of things that you can do to help the hair stay fresh looking and healthy.

She said: "Firstly use the Color Expert Treatment and Conditioner every week to keep hair looking soft and healthy. Also three weeks after colouring, use the Color Expert Repair Reviver sachet within the box to reconstruct the hair from within to keep hair looking smooth, strong and shiny."

And how about some tips for first-timers?

If you've never coloured your hair before, but want to try, firstly, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions including carrying out an allergy alert test which is very important. 

Carolyn said: "A colour will work at its best if the starting condition of the hair is in excellent health. If your hair feels dry and lacking moisture, apply the Color Expert Treatment and/or Conditioner the week prior to colouring until the hair feels good and looks and feels healthy. Thanks to the revolutionary built-in Omegaplex® technology, the Color Expert range not only provides durable colour, but conditions, strengthens and protects every time you colour maintaining healthy, shiny hair. If you are concerned about what the result will be, do a strand test before colouring."

Hair trends to watch out for this year


So why not give it a try? Especially since this year's all about the return of strong definitive colours.

You could try a Mercury Blonde, which is a bright, icy blonde, go for an Amber Blush, which resembles a golden, strawberry blonde, or even be brave and go for a deep red. Or how about a warm chocolatey brown colour, which will keep you going until spring, or for any trendsetters out there a deep aubergine colour would look amazing. 

Feeling inspired to change up your hair this year? Make sure you do so with our Schwarzkopf Color Expert which come in a range of shades which can be bought online or in store