You swear by dry shampoo but what’s ‘dry conditioner’ and how does it work?

Introducing the haircare buy that delivers shine, moisture and nourishment in just a few spritzes

You swear by dry shampoo but what’s ‘dry conditioner’ and how does it work?

You may already be familiar with dry shampoo (also known as a total life saver on those lazy mornings) but what about its newer and more refined twin, dry conditioner?

Already a fave with beauty insiders, dry conditioner is the ultra hydrating spray that you need to make room for in your beauty drawer. 

According to Roanna Price, Online Fashion Editor at Red Magazine, "dry conditioner is perfect to prolong that perfect party season blow-dry. This beauty buy could be the solution to your hair woes".

It's also an easy way to instantly inject more moisture into your locks, without the need to wet your hair. 

Find out everything you need to know about dry conditioner below, including where to apply it and how it can boost your tresses. 

What is dry conditioner?

A powder-like spray that provides a welcome dose of hair-boosting oils and nutrients to damaged or dry tresses, dry conditioner works without getting hair wet. A few spritzes can deliver beautifully shiny and polished hair, while protecting strands. Many beauty pros swear by it for enhancing and texturising tresses, all while giving your hair an extra dose of beneficial ingredients. 

Anyone with fine, medium, or thick hair who wants to give their tresses an extra boost can benefit from dry conditioner.  Those who have a coarser texture or curly hair, however, might prefer a serum or oil to help tame and nourish locks. 

Sounds great! So which dry conditioner should I use?

The Batiste Instant Conditioner Repair & Restore with Keratin (below) is a lightweight dry spray that instantly penetrates the hair shaft to strengthen and restore. A few spritzes and voila - hair will look and feel healthier with a silky shine!

So what's the difference between dry shampoo and dry conditioner?

Dry shampoo is designed to soak up excess oils from your scalp, while dry conditioner adds sheen (as in shiny, glossy locks - not greasy ones). Dry conditioner can also help detangle strands and get rid of pesky flyaways.


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Got it! But wait, what's the difference between regular (leave-in) conditioner and dry conditioner?

Because dry conditioners are in powder form, you can spray them on your hair without getting hair wet or messing up your style. Perfect for on-the-go style!  

How to apply it

Apply dry conditioner by spraying from the mid shaft of your mane to the ends. You can even combine your dry conditioner with your dry shampoo. Start with your dry shampoo at the roots, then spray dry conditioner on the mid length and tips.

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