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The toner is making a comeback! Why you need to embrace the three-step skincare routine

Reintroducing the skin-boosting product that beauty insiders swear by

The toner is making a comeback! Why you need to embrace the three-step skincare routine

Want beautiful, clear and healthy-looking skin? Of course you do! Who doesn't?

Facial toners are designed to get rid of dead skin cells, infuse moisture and prep the skin so that it can absorb the following treatments better

The most important thing that you can do for a glowing complexion is to find a skincare regimen that is tailored towards your skin's needs. However, most beauty experts suggest that your morning and evening routine involve a minimum of three steps – including all-important toner

While we all know that cleansing your skin of dirt, excess oil, make-up and SPF (because you are putting SPF on every day, right?) is essential for a beautiful complexion, as well as keeping skin supple and hydrated with a good moisturiser, not all of us include face toners in our skincare routines. Whether it's because toner terminology puts you off or becaue you can remember the super drying, alcohol-laden toner from your teenage years, it's time to re-think this game-changing beauty product. These days toners are a skin-boosting secret weapon that soothe, repair, and smooth the skin’s surface.

That's why the three-step routine (cleanse, tone, moisturise) is having a serious moment. But just because you're adding multiple steps to your routine, it doesn't have to take up too much time, energy or money. In fact, the three-step routine only takes a couple of minutes and should really feel more like you're pampering yourself by taking care of your skin, and not like a chore. Adding more products to your routine may sound expensive, but there are plenty of affordable options available. 

Discover how toners could hydrate, balance and transform your skin below...

Why use a toner?

Toners are designed to get rid of dead skin cells that make the skin look dull and flaky, while infusing moisture and prepping the skin so that it can absorb following treatments better. Face toners are less about cleansing skin (although they can remove excess oils and impurities that may lurk on the face after washing), and more about balancing the pH of your skin and adding another layer of hydration. Skin's optimal pH is 5.5, but even the mildest cleansers can throw this out of balance, which is where toners come in. Translation? Toners help your skin from becoming too dry or too oily. Plus, they allow for deeper penetration of other products, meaning that you'll use less moisturiser and actually save money in the long run.

When to apply toner?

Facial toners are applied after cleansing and before your moisturiser and/or treatment - step two in the three-step routine. By prepping your skin, this allows your creams, oils and serums to be better absorbed. Whether you pay £3 or £300 for your moisturiser, you want to ensure that you're getting the most out of its skin-boosting ingredients – facial toners will help you do just that. Either spritz toner directly onto face, or use a cotton pad to gently sweep across skin. 

What type of toner should I use?

Whatever your skin type, a great skin toner can transform your complexion. In fact, top facialists recommend that you tone twice. First with an acid toner, which may sound scary but actually just refers to skin-boosting ingredients like glycolic and salicylic acid, which are great for reducing fine lines and boosting cell turnover. Then, use a hydrating toner, with ingredients like rose and camomile, to rebalance your skin.

The secret to glowing skin is as easy as 1-2-3! Will you give these skincare game-changers a go? Check out Asda's range of skin-boosting toners here