12 of the best fast beauty fixes, as told by the world’s top beauty bloggers

Four of the best bloggers in the business give you their quick hacks for sorting those beastly beauty blunders

12 of the best fast beauty fixes, as told by the world’s top beauty bloggers

We've all been there.

Your make-up looked picture perfect when you left the house this morning, but, as the hours go by, everything's starting to look sunken, oily and more like a Halloween mask than the elegant make-up you were aiming for...

But have no fear! We chatted to some of the best beauty bloggers in the business to hear their best top tips for avoiding beauty blunders and keeping your make-up looking fresh all day long.

Make-up artist duo Pixiwoo – sisters Nic (far left) and Sam Chapman – built their beauty empire via YouTube. They have more than 2 million subscribers and have launched their own cult beauty brand, Real Techniques.

Brush hour

Beauty blunder: You haven’t cleaned your make-up brushes since, oh, about 2015.

Scrub up: ‘Sounds obvious, but a dirty brush won’t actually work as well as when you first bought it. Dampen the tip with a small amount of water (don’t soak it), pop a bit of Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Gel into your palm, then rub the bristles in the cleanser in circular motions. To finish, dab on a flannel to remove any excess product.’

The thick of it

Beauty blunder: Your trusty nail polish has turned thick and gunky in the pot.

Nail it: ‘Just add a drop of nail polish remover in the bottle with an eye dropper to give it a new lease of life.’

Base camp

Beauty blunder: That foundation you bought is roughly 50 shades too dark for your skin tone.

Go back to basics: ‘Getting the wrong colour foundation is probably the most common beauty mistake. If you’ve accidentally bought a shade that’s too dark, don’t worry: you can get a new lighter tone and mix the two until you get the perfect colour. Or hang onto the darker shade for the summer months when you have a tan. To get it right next time, test the colour on your jawline.’


 Canadian beauty blogger and Insta star Estée Lalonde set up her blog in 2010. She now has 1.2 million YouTube subscribers who regularly tune in for her hack hacks and natural make-up tutorials.

Brows to wow

Beauty blunder: Those overly filled-in brows make you look like a reality TV ‘personality’

It’s a draw: ‘Eyebrows can be tricky to get right. Your quick fix is just to use small, fine strokes. If you’re using a pencil, make sure it’s super-sharp and don’t try to rush drawing them in. Eyebrows need to look natural – like individual hairs – so avoid colour-blocking the whole brow; just use little strokes. I usually go over the top with a tinted brow gel afterwards, to keep everything in place.’ Try George Tamer Brow Sculpt in Medium.

Bronze age

Beauty blunder: Your bronzer game is off and the shade looks really overdone.

Shake it off: ‘I’m really fair-skinned and used to wear bronzers that were way too dark for me! To get a subtle result, don’t go crazy when you apply it. My simple fix is to brush any excess colour off on the back of your hand then build it up gradually, rather than going in heavy-handedly.’ Try George Matte Diva Bronzer in Caramel.

Magic wand

Beauty blunder: Clumpy mascara? Yep, you can barely keep your eyes open.

On the lash: ‘I love really big lashes so I don’t mind a bit of clumping. But if you’re not keen, just go carefully and apply one coat of mascara at a time. If your lashes do start to clump, comb through with a clean, spoolie-style brush.’ Try Maybelline The Colossal Big Shot Volum’ Express Mascara.


Madeleine Spencer is a make-up artist and beauty writer. She set up her blog, Madeleine Loves, in 2014, delving into celebrity make-up bags and testing out the latest beauty trends.

Hair mare

Beauty blunder: All that straightening has left your hair drier than a desert.

Mane-tenance time: ‘Every time you blow-dry your hair it loses moisture – so always use a heat-protection spray. A once-a-week hair mask is your fast fix to add moisture. For the best results, put the mask on, then wrap your hair in clingfilm and leave for about an hour.’ Try Andrew Barton S.O.S Hair Repair Treatment Mask.

Face it

Beauty blunder: Your attempts at contouring sadly leave you with obvious lines

Blend in: ‘People often don’t blend with enough gusto, particularly using highlighter, bronzer and blush. For an easy remedy, grab a buffing brush – the type with tightly-packed-together bristles, like the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, £9. Then move it in little circles – this will help soften the look and make it more seamless.’

Water let-down

Beauty blunder: Your go-to liquid eyeliner is less liquid and more rock solid

Tip it up: ‘Instant solution? Store it upside down. This will keep the nib wet and it’ll last longer.’ Try George Line & Define Liquid Eye Liner in Black.


Anne-Marie Lodge is the brains behind the blog Really Ree, which she set up in 2010. From filming make-up tutorials with the likes of Charlotte Tilbury, to expert product reviews, she is full of beauty industry know-how.

lip service

Beauty blunder: Your lipstick barely lasts an hour

Line and define: ‘Outline your lips with a liner, then use the same pencil to shade in the whole lip before you apply lipstick. Liners have more staying power than lipsticks, so are less likely to budge.

'Give a matte lip extra oomph by placing a thin piece of tissue (1-ply) over your finished lip, while you lightly dab a translucent powder over the top. The tissue allows just enough through to set your lipstick without leaving it too dry or powdery.’ Try George Lip Define Lip Liner in Vixen with George Satin Lipstick in Fierce, then dust with George Get Set Translucent Setting Powder.

all eyes on you

Beauty blunder: Concealer immediately settles in the creases under your eyes

Plump it up: ‘Before applying your make-up, use an eye cream to soothe and plump the skin – eye creams are best kept in the fridge. Blend your concealer with your ring finger or a tiny concealer brush, then set it with a small amount of super-fine powder. Buff the brush onto your hand first to remove most of the product, then lightly press the powder under your eye.’ Try nspa Brightening Eye Cream, £4.50.

freshen up

Beauty blunder: Your make-up looks more tired by 6pm than you feel

Oil slick: ‘If you only have a few minutes to refresh your look before heading out in the evening, simply dab a light face oil onto the back of your hand and buff it over the top of your make-up using a buffing brush. It won’t disturb the product too much but it should give you a nice glowy look, as if you’ve just done your whole face again. Then top up your concealer and blush and you’re ready to go.’ Try nspa Nourishing Facial Oil.

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