Struggling to find your perfect shade of foundation online? Look no further

Our beauty prayers have been answered

By Rebecca Shepherd, 11 January 2017
Struggling to find your perfect shade of foundation online? Look no further

Anyone who wears foundation will know how much of a laborious task it is to find your perfect shade, especially when you're on the hunt for new make-up.

Buying make-up online - especially if you want to try a new range - is a bit of a guessing game

Normally, choosing a new foundation can take hours of trawling around the beauty aisles in search of something that doesn’t make you look washed out, or orange, and finding a shade that actually matches your skin tone when you walk outside is seldom. 

And how about when you're stretched for time - which is daily - so you have to head online to purchase a new foundation?

If you're anything like us, when it comes to buying make-up online - especially if you want to try a new range - it's a bit of a guessing game which normally involves you trying to match your skin colour to a tiny patch on the screen.

Wouldn't it be great if there was an invention to get rid of all this hassle? Well, thanks to Findation.com, our beauty prayers have been answered. 

The nifty online tool, has the aim of creating ‘the world’s largest usable database of matching foundation colours’, which allows you to find your perfect shade of foundation at the click of a few buttons - meaning you can try out different brands, buy new foundations online and actually be confident that your new purchase will work for your skin tone. 

To use the website, you enter a brand of foundation you wear, the name of the collection, and the shade you've used and been happy with.

So, for example you could enter George - Ultra Sheer Foundation - Ivory Beige.

Then you can choose to find other foundations that will work with your skin tone based on the foundation you've already got, or, for better results, you can enter a second foundation which you have used into the database, using the same process as before.

Once you have tapped in the information, you click through for a whole list of other foundations that are similar and voila! You can view them by list and discover new cosmetics, or you can filter your matches by brand.

So if there’s a particular brand of foundation you’ve always wanted to try, but been too busy to head in-store for or too scared to make an impulse purchase online, you can easily find it and the best shade match for your skin tone. 

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