Frankie Bridge shares her amazing make-up looks

The star has sampled the new George make-up collection and she looks great!

Frankie Bridge shares her amazing make-up looks

'Glamourous', 'fashionable' and 'impeccably stylish' are all words you'd use to describe former star of The Saturdays, Frankie Bridge.

"I love a healthy glow. The George highlight palette is great"

But the 29-year-old beauty icon, who is a mum-of-two, insists that she's "no different to most other women" as she still gets hang-ups about her appearance.

"I’m the most self-critical person," she tells us. "I’ll always find a fault with my face or body. I don’t have great skin at the moment. It’s hormonal and it’s a new thing. I get outbreaks of spots and bumps under the skin, so when I put on make-up, it’s bumpy. I feel self-conscious because it’s hard to hide."

So what's Frankie's top tips for keeping her skin looking great? 

"Definitely take your make-up off before bed. I always do it – even if I’ve been out or at an event – it’s so important."

The star currently presents Cannonball on ITV and has sampled the new George make-up collection for us, which features more than 100 new products. We think the results look super. From beautifully nude looks, to festively fab make-up - here's how to recreate Frankie's looks. 

Diffused lip 

Who knew that deliberately staining, diffusing or smudging liquid lipstick would create such a glorious effect? 

Products used: Gel Effect Nail Polish in Eternal, Matte Liquid Lipstick in Red Carpet, Pro Lash Mascara, Baked Blusher in Aurora, Airbrush Primer, Matte Foundation in Caramel, Lip Liner in Vixen.

Beautifully nude 

Forget the no make-up look and reach for your nude bronzers, natural-looking foundations and blushed lippies. Also be prepared to contour like a pro (see here if you're still learning).

Frankie tells us: "I’m really impressed with the quality of the George contour palette. The colours are lovely and have worked so well on my skin. Today, I wore concealer and a little contour to give myself a bit of colour and shape." It seems she loves the eyeshadows too. The star says: "With my hair colour, the Eye Shadow Nude gives me that little bit of contour, to give my eyes shape and depth, and it’s not over the top."

Products used: Matte Primer, Long Lasting Nail Polish in Poison, Contour Kit, Eyeshadow palette in Nude, Natural Foundation in Caramel, Matte Lipstick in Cloud 9, Tamer Eyebrow Kit in Dark.

Get glam 

This season be bold, look confident and let your lips do the talking by using our soft, creamy and nourishing red lipstick. Just remember to keep the rest of your make-up muted, as you wouldn't want to detract from the main event. 

Frankie says: "The most important thing to remember is that even though some people might seem confident, they’re probably not. We’re all the same." 

Products used: Gel Effect Nail Polish in Obsession, Matte Lipstick in Vibe, Matte Diva Bronzer in Caramel, Eyeshadow Palette in Nude, Lip Liner in Vixen.

Bronzed Beauty

Bronzer has got to be one most underrated pieces of make-up, and we're not the only ones who champion the piece of kit. 

Frankie says: "I love a healthy glow. The George highlight palette is great. The colours are really pigmented and they give such a nice shimmer."

Products used: Long Lasting Nail Polish in Copper Cabana, Va Va Volume Mascara, Precision Eyeliner, Eye Define Eye Liner Pencil in Black, Eyeshadow Palette in Nude, Satin Lipstick in Rare, Illuminating Primer, Bronze Crayon, Highlight Crayon.


Festive fab

Eyeshadows are key to this sparkly enchanting look.

Frankie says: "The first bit of make-up I ever owned was a Christmas present from my mum when I was about 12. She bought me an eyeshadow and I remember feeling really grown-up when I put it on for the first time. Mum was strict about make-up, though. I never got away with wearing it to school – only for special occasions. And if I had too much on, she would say so!"

Products used: Gel Effect Nail Polish in Twilight, Eye Velvet Eyeshadow in Mystique, Eye Velvet Eyeshadow in Roar, Matte Lipstick in Rogue, Matte Diva Bronzer in Caramel, Natural Foundation in Caramel, Tamer Eyebrow Kit in Dark.



Feeling inspired to try these looks. Make sure you stock up on everything you need at George or pop into your local store