Kiss and Make Up: Georgia May Foote chats us through her beauty regime

The actress and model talks beauty and style – and samples the George cosmetics range

Kiss and Make Up: Georgia May Foote chats us through her beauty regime

Style and beauty model and former Coronation Street and Grange Hill actress Georgia May Foote, 27, took time out to chat to us about her make-up essentials, beauty icons, wellbeing – and how taking part in Strictly Come Dancing changed her life…

How has your beauty routine evolved over the years?

I’ve learned to put on less. I remember when we all used to go out in our college days wearing six pairs of false eyelashes. I don’t even use them now! I’m definitely braver, but I also have more of a sense of what suits me. When I was 12 and working on Grange Hill, they were constantly applying foundation to us on set. I hated it.

Who is your beauty icon?

I love Kate Beckinsale. She has a really natural look and her skin is always glowing.

Worst beauty fail?

When I was in college, I let my sister put purple streaks through my hair. I’d never dyed it before – and it was the worst. I kept it in for two weeks before I had to get it dyed out. I’m so glad I’ve never overplucked my eyebrows, though!

What are your top three make-up must-haves?

Concealer (for under-eye circles), mascara and bronzer are my go-to products. I don’t wear much make-up unless I’m going to an event, but I use these every day to make me look fresh and a bit more awake! When I do go out, though, I love to experiment with different lip colours, or I’ll do my eyes in a cool way. 

Any favourite products from the George range?

I love the George matte lipsticks because they are so creamy and really moisturise your lips. I’d never worn a nude lip colour before, as I didn’t think it would suit me – but now I’m a total convert. I also love the orangey-red Runway shade; it’s a great ‘going out’ colour.

It’s Valentine’s Day this month – any top tips for the perfect date-night look?

A red lip is the sauciest thing ever, isn’t it? Not necessarily very good if you’re going to be kissing your date, though!

When it comes to style, what do you like to wear? 

I try to keep my look young and classy. I don’t like anything too short or low-cut. Right now, I’m really into jumpsuits for going out. I’m only 5ft 1in, but they make me feel so tall.

How do you try to keep healthy?

I’m all or nothing when it comes to going to the gym. I’m either there all the time, or I don’t go at all. If I’m not exercising, I do watch what I’m eating a bit more and try not to binge on sweet stuff, which I do sometimes have a bit of a problem with!

You've spoken on social media about dealing with anxiety. How have you been affected?

Anxiety is a word that’s often overused and, as a result, not everyone takes it seriously. Last year, mine got really bad and it was quite unbearable at times. The silliest things would set me off. I’d put on a wash and then discover that I’d dropped a sock on the way – and that would make me have a panic attack.

How have you learned to deal with it?

I went to my GP and did some therapy sessions with a free NHS platform called Healthy Minds. It helped me to find out my triggers and try to deal with them.

It’s been a long process, but it’s definitely helped. Even doing things like turning off my phone and reading, or going for a walk to get out of the house are a help. Sharing my story on Instagram was definitely good for me, too. If I hadn’t been so open and honest about it, I don’t know where I’d be now.

You took part in Strictly in 2015. How did the show change your life?

Strictly had a huge effect on me. It was a learning curve – a very new experience. It taught me so much about confidence, and when the opportunity came up to tour with the stage production of Breakfast at Tiffany’s a year later, I felt I could do it!

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