Give your hair a shade upgrade

Celebrity stylist Andrew Barton gives three readers a brand new do for spring

Give your hair a shade upgrade

Whether it’s a fresh cut or a different colour, a new hairstyle works wonders, helping you to look good and feel great.

We challenged Andrew Barton, hairstylist to the stars, to give three busy ladies a complete confidence-boosting makeover. Read on for their stories, their reactions and some insider at-home styling tips…

Having a blonde moment

Zibiah Zoe, 23, an actress, lives in Brixton, London.

Zibiah told us: ‘My hair’s always been a big part of me. When I was younger, I’d spend hours straightening it, which was like putting a hot iron through my crowning glory, causing frayed, split ends. Now that I use oils to care for the frizz, I love my wild curls. Still, there’s very little I can do to mix it up and I often find myself bored of the same do.

'Things in my life feel pretty static at the moment. I’ve been single for four years and I’m struggling to find the right roles at work. I’d love a drastic change – without losing my curls – to bring something different to my life.’

Andrew Barton says: ‘Zibiah’s tight curls were calling out to go blonder, so we went with carefully placed honey and golden highlights, and used an olaplex conditioning treatment that coats the hair rather than strips it.’

Zibiah’s verdict: ‘When Andrew said “blonde”, I was worried I’d look washed out, but it’s given me a real lift. It’s so different; hopefully it’ll help jump-start some much-needed change in my life!’ 

Turn up the volume

Wash hair with OGX Hydrate + Revive Argan Oil of Morocco Extra Strength Shampoo to keep it soft. Work Andrew Barton Smooth That Frizz Gloss Serum through from the mid-lengths to the ends for sheen without losing volume.

Help to keep hair strong and healthy looking with a regular conditioning spritz of Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Detangler Spray.

Want to find out if blondes have more fun? Try L’Oréal Préférence Glam Highlights in Glam Bronde 02. This brush-on balayage gives hair a natural blonde look. 

The beautician’s own beauty blitz up

Charlie Smith, 34, a self-employed beautician, lives in Leeds with her boyfriend James, 32.

Charlie told us: ‘I love my job and it’s been rewarding building up my business, but I’m always putting my clients’ looks first. I barely have time to look in the mirror – I just scrape my limp locks into a ponytail. Last year’s highlights have grown out, too. It’s knocked my self-esteem – who wants a beautician with bad hair? And I’ve been with James for five years and stopped making an effort around him as well. I need to look after myself more – it’s just finding the time!’ 

Andrew Barton says: ‘For Charlie’s hair, I wanted to swap nondescript for fashion-forward. Reinventing the classic bob was a sure-fire way to improve the condition of her hair and bring her look right up to date.’

Charlie’s verdict: ‘Wow! This shorter cut will keep me looking groomed on the go and it’s easy to style with a quick blow-dry. I’ve never seen my hair so shiny – the colour has made it silky smooth. James loves it and I hope it will impress my clients, too.’ 

Andrew's hair prescription

Bobs look amazing styled straight and sleek. To ensure strands aren’t sizzled, prep by spritzing on Andrew Barton Heat Protect Spray, then smooth with George Straighteners.

Double shampooing before conditioning helps minimise product build-up and greasy roots. For added oomph, try TRESemmé Body & Volume 24 Hour Body Shampoo

Fancy going brunette? Try Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color Permanent Hair Colour in Iced Coffee. This shade develops in less than 40 minutes and adds a healthy shine.

The media mummy’s makeover

Mel Hiscott, 43, works in media and lives in Kingston-Upon-Thames with her husband, Graham, and two children, Isla, 10, and Sam, seven.

Mel told us: ‘I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with my hair. Its natural curl is lovely but can be time-consuming to tame. When I worked in the city, I used to style my curls. Now that I work freelance and am a busy mum, my hair is lucky to see a brush before we all head out of the door in the morning. The grey hairs that are peeping through are in desperate need of attention, too.’ 

Andrew Barton says: ‘This vibrant copper colour complements Mel’s skin tone. And taking her hair up to shoulder length has lifted her curls, so they bounce and frame her pretty face.’

Mel’s verdict: ‘This look is brave for me. It’s shorter and punchier than I expected, but it’s unearthed a feeling of wanting to reclaim myself after years of being a mum. Graham and the kids almost didn’t recognise me. Isla, in particular, loves how the colour makes my eyes stand out!’ 

Put the bounce back in your own copper curls

For big, beautiful curls that are sure to wow, use the George Curling Wand. Change direction with each curl (wrapping one away from the face, and then one towards) for a natural finish. Keep in place with Andrew Barton Firm Hold Hair Spray.

Give hair a mini pamper every week. Intensive conditioning can make a big difference to texture and tone. Try Aussie Deep Treatment Three Minute Miracle Colour.

Want a vibrant red do like Mel’s? Apply Schwarzkopf Live Intense Colour in Real Red 35 to dry, unwashed hair for 30 minutes then wash out to reveal fiery locks.

Feeling inspired to touch up your own tresses? Make sure to stock up on everything you need at Asda or pop into your local store.