Glitter Strobing Is This Winter’s Prettiest Beauty Trend

Would you try this shimmery look?

Glitter Strobing Is This Winter’s Prettiest Beauty Trend

All that glitter, twinkle and sparkle isn't just for the Christmas tree you know - you can add it to your make-up regime! 

Glitter strobing is the latest holiday beauty trend that's taken the internet by storm and for those already familiar with the basic highlighting technique, it's actually pretty easy to achieve.

Strobing is all about achieving a fresh and dewy look by applying shimmery illuminator to the high points of the face (think cheekbones, brow bones, down the centre of the nose and in the corners of the eye). But now you can take this flattering look up a notch by layering on some sparkle on top of your highlighter to achieve the festive glitter strobing effect.

Of course, the key is to not go overboard with the glitter - you don't want to look like a disco ball! Apply a shimmery layer in just one area on your face, like around the eyes or on your cheekbones.


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Glitter strobing isn't exactly an everyday look, but why not give it a go for your next holiday party or for a truly dazzling New Year's Eve?


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