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Hairstyle SOS: These clever charts will revolutionise your look

Say goodbye to bad hair days with these genius tips

Hairstyle SOS: These clever charts will revolutionise your look

Want healthier, shinier hair? Well, obviously, who doesn't! The good news is that gorgeous locks can be yours with a few simple tweaks and a clever hair chart or two. In these ten easy-to-grasp hair tips, the most puzzling of dilemmas are explained and solved. From the hair chart that shows how what you eat affects your hair type to the hair chart that finally explains how to use all those different brushes, get ready to experience your best tresses ever. 

Whether you have straight and fine hair or thick and curly locks, these hair tips will help you achieve a lustrous mane. Because the truth is that no matter what your hair colour or texture, most of us still struggle with one problem or another. From knowing when to shampoo to finding your perfect cut, these clever hair charts have got you covered. Ever thought about getting extensions but not sure where to start? Read on to discover which type is right for you. For those who want to dye their tresses, scope out the hair colour chart so that you know exactly what shade you're looking for at the salon. Better yet, bring the hair colour chart with you! 

Consult the hair charts below to uncover the clever hair tips that will give you the beautiful tresses you've been dreaming of... 

1. Find the perfect hair cut for your face shape

Aren't those oval shapes lucky! Here's an easy tip to figure out your face shape: stand in front of a mirror with your hair pulled back and lipstick at the ready. Next, gently trace your face shape into the mirror with the lipstick. Stand back and you should be able to see your natural shape.

2. You are what you eat

You knew vegetables were good for you, but did you know which ones can help solve your hair woes? That'll be us stocking up on extra veg this weekend!

3. Pretty plaits

The three strand is a classic but how gorgeous does the waterfall look? 

4. Best brushes

Finally, we know what all those different hair brushes are for! 

Find the perfect hair brush for your hair from Asda's health and beauty range here. 

5. Short hair, don't care

If you're thinking of going for the chop, bring this short haircut guide with you to the salon to avoid any miscommunication! You wouldn't want to end up with a spike cut when what you really meant was a shag, would you? 

6. Hair extensions explained


What method do you prefer?

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Curious about hair extensions? Here's what you need to know. 

7. The history of hair

They missed out 'the Rachel' but otherwise, this seems pretty bang on! 

8. To wash or not to wash? 


When your weekend hair just won't last a day longer ���� Tuesday Dilemma's ��

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So you probably don't really need any help in this area but this hair washing chart is pretty funny. Our advice? When in doubt, wash it out. 

9. Curly or straight

Turns out that both curly and straight hair have their pros and cons. This clever chart shows you how to make the most out of what nature gave you. 

10. Hair colours explained


Shaking things up in the hair colour department this spring? This hair colour chart is one to print out and bring with you to the salon! 

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