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What’s the perfect hairstyle for your star sign?

Your best hair ever could be written in the stars...

What’s the perfect hairstyle for your star sign?

If your hair is feeling decidedly lacklustre of late and you fancy a change, don’t rush off to the hairdresser clutching that picture of Jennifer Aniston again: try a new approach and consult your star sign. You see, if you’re a confident and polished Leo, you don’t want to be wandering around town with a hairstyle more suited to a free-spirited Libra now, do you? That would just be silly.

Consult the hairstrology chart below and see if your star sign holds the secret to hair perfection…


Leos are comfortable in their own skin and they often have a big mane of hair that needs maintaining with regular trims. They like their look and aren’t in a hurry to change it (Leos are typically stubborn by nature, and that applies to their hair too), but embracing some perfectly done curls would reflect your natural confidence and keep you in the limelight. 


Virgo women are practical, analytical, precise and a little inflexible. As a result you hate your hair being messy, getting in the way of the important task at hand. Keep your hair long and well groomed with straight edges, but tie it in a topknot or sophisticated ponytail when needs be. Make sure you boost shine by using regular hair treatments – split ends are not on your agenda.


Gentle spirited Libras want graceful waves and would suit a relaxed lob (long-bob) with some gentle highlights to match your free-thinking and idealistic vibe. You're friendly and the most diplomatic of all the star signs, so you don’t do well with hard-edged hairstyles and brash, block colours. Just add sea salt spray for styling and an early morning yoga session before going out to embrace the world.


You are a fiery and passionate bunch and want your hair to have an intense and sexy quality. You also want everyone to know how independent and determined you are, so a deep rich colour teamed with big, tumbling curls that fall slightly across your face is the perfect sultry mix.


No time, no fuss, Sagittarius ladies like to look good but want to spend as little time as possible getting ready. You are the type of person who brushes their teeth in the shower, so work with your hairdresser to find a style that embraces your hair’s natural texture and go for a look that is easy to maintain (and preferably one that would look great when it dries naturally – because who has time for blow-drying in the morning, right?)


Steady and dependable, Capricorns are perfectionists. You like modern, clean hairstyles and, like Virgos, you need to keep your hair in pristine, healthy condition. It is important Capricorns find a hairdresser they really trust, because you generally presume everyone is going to do a bad job. Keep your hair long and straight, and tie up in a chic ponytail with a cute ribbon or a simple ballet bun.


You are creative and free-spirited and need a hairstyle that reflects your quirky personality. Intricate halo braids, twists and plaits with a splash of colour here and there will let your artistic edge shine and show off your non-conformist side. 


Pisces women want to look nice, but are always a bit unsure of themselves and their style. Don’t be swayed into following a trend by a well-meaning friend or an overly-adventurous hairdresser, ultimately you are always happiest when playing it safe. You don’t like to be late and so don’t want to mess around with time-consuming, faddy hairstyles. Instead, embrace your natural hair and find a style that works with it, whether curly or straight.


Oh Aries, your wild side means you probably dream about changing your hairstyle on a weekly if not daily basis. But don’t let your impulsive nature make you do something rash and go for an unmanageable hairstyle that doesn’t suit your face. You will want to make a bold statement to go with your personality, so opt for a strong colour choice complimented by a simple, straight style. A blunt cut will reflect your determination, while playing with colour will fulfil that need to be noticed.


Simple, elegant and practical, Taurus girls are not likely to change things up regularly and would rather get a friend to trim the ends of their shoulder-length bob than shell out on a fancy haircut. You like a clean hairstyle that’s a little messy around the edges, and dream of having a really good blow-dry for a night out. 


Gemini’s need a hairstyle that is versatile and can be worn a multitude of ways, often fed by their obsession with the latest styles and trends. Avoid restrictive layering or fringes that means you can’t change your look with the twist of a kirby grip and prohibits your love of fashion. 


Put the scissors down, you don’t want a short pixie crop and you know it. Leave your hair long and flowing to reflect your love of things being feminine and soft. A relaxed blow-dry with a waft of hairspray or a soft up-do with a few wayward curls tumbling and you are ready to go. 

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