This woman has magical colour-changing hair

She can change the colour at the flick of her hair

This woman has magical colour-changing hair

Some people like to keep the same hairstyle forever - they have a look that works and they stick to it.

Others change their hair almost as often as they change their clothes.

One such style chameleon has taken things to the extreme - she has a two-colour dye job that means she can change her hair colour at the flip of her head.

Australian Reddit user Moniquey debuted her new 'do' online last week, writing: 'Why not have both? My new two-colour awesomeness'.

If she wears her hair with a straight centre-parting, it is blue on one side and pink on the other.

But, the magic comes when she changes the parting.

When she flicks the hair to one side, it's an inky blue all over, but flick it to the other side and it's suddenly bubblegum pink. It's slightly hypnotic to watch.

It also means your dye job need never clash with your outfit again!

Plus, it's perfect for anyone who struggles to make decisions. Can't decide if you want to be blonde or brunette? Just be both and have ALL the fun.

The split-dye effect is proving really popular online with hundreds of people asking Moniquey how she achieved it (and how she gets away with it at work).

'I had it done professionally, and honestly it took less time than my hair usually does,' she told one fan of the look.

As for work, she says she has a corporate IT job, adding that she thinks 'this is just more acceptable in Australia'. 

Just another reason to move there, we guess.