Halloween makeup

Ghoulishly good Halloween make-up ideas to try at home

From the easy-peasy to the downright impressive...

Ghoulishly good Halloween make-up ideas to try at home

Halloween is just around the corner which means it's almost time to get your spook on!

If you're looking for some spook-tacular make-up ideas, we've got all the beauty inspiration you need to take your costume to the next level.

A little make-up can go a long way to transform you into a skeleton, comic book character or even a modern artwork! Here are a few ideas to get you started.

1. Spider web

If there's one everyday make-up product that can be considered your best friend when it comes to DIY Halloween costumes, it's eyeliner

With the help of a little black eye-liner you can draw a cobweb around an eye, or even a draw a cobweb mask across your face. This look is a great low-maintenance way to get into the spirit with a last-minute Halloween-themed look, and can elevate a whole host of different creepy-crawly-inspired or witch costumes.


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2. Harley Quinn

This year will see a lot of Harley Quinn-inspired costumes (a fictional character in the recent film Suicide Squad).

Fun and relatively easy to achieve, all you need is some pale face powder, some pink and blue eyeshadow, a little eye liner and of course some wash-out hair colour spray.

It would make a light-hearted and fun costume for little girls, and a cheeky costume for adults too!


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3. Mermaid

Transforming into a mermaid isn't as difficult as it seems — by using a pair of fishnet tights you can replicate the look of a shimmering sea goddess.

Aside from the tights, you'll need some blue and turquoise eyeshadow and a pot of glitter.

By pulling tights over your face and dusting the different coloured eyeshadows through the gaps, you'll create a scale-like pattern.


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Just watch the below tutorial! Who knew that those old fishnets tights could come in handy again? 


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4. Blue witch

Get into the Halloween spirit as a classic witch! Dampen a make-up sponge and dab a sheer layer of white facepaint over the nose and around the eyes.

Sponge blue paint in a semicircle on the temples, cheekbones and outer eyes. Cut a star out of a piece of card to make a stencil, hold against the forehead and sponge white paint over it.

Draw smaller stars using a fine-tipped brush dampened with water and dipped in white paint. With the same brush, carefully add white swirls of paint coming from the corner of each eye, moving in curves above the brows and slightly under the jawline.

If you have time, outline the swirls and stars with thin lines of black paint. Then add fine details – little white dots and stars will make the look even more magical! For the finishing touch, dab blue paint on the lips.

For extra sparkle, add a touch of glitter make-up – paint it on the swirls and stars, too.

5. Rainbow Snapchat filter

Another light-hearted, colourful and quirky idea (and super-easy to do) is re-creating the rainbow 'vomit' Snapchat filter by drawing a squiggly rainbow from your bottom lip down your chin onto the top part of your neck, dotted with a few white stars. Just wear with a rainbow coloured outfit and you're done!


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6. Seeing double

This look takes a lot more skill and practice to conquer, but what a result! By painting your eyes on your forehead and painting your lips on your cheeks you can create a confusing double vision optical illusion!

No-one will know where to look!


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7. Super galactic

Create a universe on your face by using a sponge to apply shimmery purple, blue and turquoise colours, topped with glitter and little gold or silver stars.

Great for kids and grown-ups, you could complete the look with an astronaut costume or a starry outfit.

8. Wednesday Adams

For a traditional take on Halloween, dress up as Wednesday Adams from The Adams Family.

With the help of some black lipstick, pale face powder and dark eye-shadow, your costume is nearly done!

Just divide your hair into two long braids and wear a school uniform-inspired outfit!

9. Cute skeleton

Skeleton-inspired make-up is a fool-proof Halloween classic. For the top of the skull, use a large brush to apply white facepaint.

Circle the eyes and trace around the forehead and along the cheekbones. Leave space on each side of the nose.

To create the top teeth, start a white outline with a fine brush about 3cm under the middle of the left eye-circle. Bring the brush down in a smooth line, scallop it above the top lip, then take the line up to the same level under the right eye-circle.

Fill in the skull with white facepaint. For the lower jaw, trace the jawbone from the tops of cheekbones round to the chin with a broad brush and white paint.

Add ‘teeth’ on the lower lip with a finer brush, then connect the jaw to the top part of the skull with curved lines. Fill in the jawbone with the white paint.  

Using a fine brush dipped in pink paint, outline the eye-circles and the edges of the jaw and skull. Draw a pink, upside-down heart shape in the centre of the nose.

Outline this in black, then use fine black and white lines to add definition to the eyes, mouth and jaw. Combine with a skeleton costume to complete the look!


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10. Sugarskull

Want to look gorgeous as well as scary? A Mexican Day of the Dead-inspired look combines pretty flower crowns and swirly or floral face decorations with skull-like make-up.

Using the Day Of The Dead Rainbow Kit (available in stores), apply a white base all over the face with a dry sponge. Add a thicker layer to the cheekbones and leave space for the eye decorations.

Blend red paint upwards under the cheekbones with a sponge. Apply black paint to the eyelids and under the eyes with the sponge – leave to dry.

Peel the backing strips off the 2D flower stickers and position above and below the eyes, taking care to press down firmly and smooth out the ends of each one.

Dampen a fine paintbrush and paint red patterns on the forehead. Then add blue swirls emerging from the eye stickers and connecting with the corners of the mouth.

Use your fingers to apply jewels across the forehead and the 3D flower stickers in a line down to the bridge of the nose. Dot more gems on the cheeks and chin, using tweezers to place the smaller ones.

For the nose, use the applicator and black paint to draw a black heart on the tip, then extend the top curves of it upwards into points, carefully smoothing the lines as you go.  

Finish your look with cosmetic glitter – apply with a dry brush to the lips and use to blend in any harsh edges around the eyes. 

11. Distorted

A challenging look to recreate, all you need for this optical illusion is some eye liner (and a lot of time and skill).

By drawing horizontal lines across your face and then drawing parts of your face along those lines, as though your face has shifted to the left or the right, it creates a very confusing and spooky effect!


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Instead of drawing straight horizontal lines you could instead draw a spiral and draw parts of your face along the spiral to make it look as though your face has been sucked into a swirl!


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12. Modern art

Why not go as literally a work of art? Paint your face like a famous painting or use some masking tape (or the edges of paper or card) to help you create clean straight lines of eyeshadow to create a modern art work.

13. Malificent

Go as Disney's Malificent, the evil witch from Sleeping Beauty. Using green make-up to cover your whole face, black eyeliner to draw arched eyebrows, purple eyeshadow from your eye lid to the drawn eyebrow, and a drawn black widow's peak at the top of your forehead, nobody can mistake you!

14. Grumpy cat

For a more humorous approach to the classic cat costume, why not paint your face as the grumpy cat meme instead? It's bound to get a giggle!


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15. Haunted doll

An easy look to achieve, pair conservative doll-like clothing with over-the-top 'pretty' make-up by drawing pink circles on cheeks, bright red lipstick in a heart shape on your lips, and draw long lashes above and under your eyes with eye liner. This look works great for kids too!


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16. Ventriloquist doll

For an even creepier twist, paint your bottom lip as a row of teeth, your chin a black square as an open mouth, then draw the bottom row of teeth and bottom lip at the bottom of your chin to create a ventriloquist doll effect. The look will work even better if you manage to talk without moving your mouth!


17. Gold witch

Dazzle and sparkle this year with a gold witch costume, and face paint to match. Use a make-up sponge to dab some gold facepaint asymmetrically across the right side of  the face and around the left eye.

Using black paint on a fine brush, draw a straight line emerging from just before the outer corner of the right eye, taking it onto the forehead.

Working outwards, draw black lines curving away on each side as shown, to form the ‘ribs’ of the web. Use lighter pressure and the very tip of the brush to add the thin connecting lines between the ribs. 

If you have time, paint a smaller section of web under the left eye using the same method. Paint the body, head and eight legs of the spider in black on the bottom of the left cheek, next to the mouth.

Once the paint has had time to dry, outline the black lines of the web with white paint. Add highlights and other details with white paint and gold glitter to the black lines of the web and the spider, and apply gold paint to lips.