How To Use This Year’s Skin Perfecting Make-up Tools

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How To Use This Year’s Skin Perfecting Make-up Tools

Who doesn't want a flawless-looking complexion? Whether your skin is naturally dry, suffers from redness or appears dull and uneven, make-up can help. The right foundation can help cover imperfections, nourish your complexion plus give the appearance of brighter, more radiant-looking skin. But as any make-up professional will tell you, learning how to apply foundation is just as important as finding the right match for your skin tone. Luckily, there are lots of clever tools available for achieving that sought-after perfect finish. 

From brilliant brushes to special sponges, there's a new generation of make-up tools hitting the shelves that are specifically designed to deliver natural-looking coverage and a flawless finish. Forget make-up that looks caked-on and uneven – these genius tools create an air-brushed effect, leaving skin glowing without any noticeable traces of make-up. Translation? Beautiful-looking skin that can be achieved from the comfort of your own home. Learn how to apply foundation like a pro with these amazing make-up tools that deliver flawless coverage and radiant skin...

L.A.B 2 Blend Right in Sponge Applicator

Have you clocked on to make-up blenders yet? Made from sponge-like material, they're the perfect tool for achieving a streak-free, even finish without wasting any product. The L.A.B2 sponge applicator, £3.99, is egg-shaped to allow coverage on large and small areas. To use, soak the sponge in water first and then wring it out (the sponge will double in size) before applying a few drops of foundation or concealer. Next, dab the applicator on to skin to distribute the product all over the face and neck. The result is a sheer, dewy complexion that won't look heavy with make-up. Gorgeous!

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

If you're looking for all-over coverage that delivers high-definition results, try the best-selling Real Techniques expert face brush, £6.48. Made from soft fibers, the brush was designed with pro makeup artists Sam + Nic Chapman from the hugely successful PixiWoo YouTube channel. Watch how Sam uses her Expert Face Brush below:

Maybelline dream blender

The Maybelline dream blender, £4.98, combines the benefits of a make-up blender with a convenient handle for mess-free fingers and fuss-free application. And thanks to its pointed tip, applying even coverage on those hard-to-reach areas like the corners of the nose or around the mouth has never been easier. Wet and dry the sponge for a lighter finish, or use it dry. 

Real Techniques Stippling Brush

The two-toned Real Techniques stippling brush, £7.98, is the ultimate tool for achieving a smooth, flawless finish. The key is in the lighter, feathery ends that are perfect for blending make-up onto the skin. Also known as a stippling brush, you can use this brush in stippling or dotting motions to easily blend liquid, powder or cream cosmetics. Find out why make-up artist Sam Chapman calls it “a trade secret” below: 

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