In crazy news this week: You can now curl your hair with loo roll

This crazy hair hack using toilet paper is about to go viral

In crazy news this week: You can now curl your hair with loo roll

You probably thought you'd seen every curly hair hack going, from wrapping your locks in a t-shirt (plopping) to tying it up with string. But if you're looking for a new no-heat hair hack, we think we have found one you just have to try that uses – wait for it – toliet paper.

Building on the technique developed from rationing during WW2, where material was tied into hair to create fashionable finger waves, beauty vlogger Nicole Skyes's video shows how to use bog standard (sorry) loo roll to make glamorous curls in a similar way. Handy, because you're always guaranteed to have some around the house, right? Check out the video below to see the results for yourself:

So how exactly does she do it? Nicole divides her hair into about 8 sections, before ripping off around three sheets of toilet paper and wrapping them around each section of her hair. Starting from the bottom, she rolls up her hair using the toilet paper before folding into a knot and securing everything in place. She then leaves it in overnight to help the curls take shape. The following day, she unveils her new curls – and they look amazing!

Will you be following Nicole's lead and trying out the toilet paper trend at home? We think it beats sleeping in rollers or using damaging heat stylers anyday! Thanks, Nicole!