How to get brows to wow

Embrace the natural shape of your eyebrows with some easy grooming tips

How to get brows to wow

Well-groomed eyebrows can work wonders on the overall look of your face, but getting a brow shape that's right for you can be tricky. Here's how to nail the look easily with our new range of eyebrow make-up. 

Create a full and natural brow 

1. To start, give brows a good brush with a clean mascara wand. Sweep up and out, creating lots of volume.

2. Next, try George Tamer Eyebrow Kit to carefully draw in ‘hairs’ where brows are sparse or need more definition. Work from the bottom of the brow, sweeping the product up into the actual hairs. Blend as you go then use George Tamer Brow Dip to add depth on the inner brow – this gives a full, natural effect. Feather the product out slightly with a clean, angled eye make-up brush or cotton bud, then set the lot with George Tamer Brow Gel in Dark

3. Swipe the George Highlighting Crayon beneath the brow arch and in the inner eye corners, before patting with fingertips to blend. This creates a soft highlight to show off your new eyebrows.

Thuy Le, Beauty Influencer says: "Blot eyebrows with a tissue or blotting paper before applying make-up through them. This helps brow products last so much longer and no slide throughout the day."

Emma Corrie Hill, Beauty Blogger told us: "A nice full brow creates a natural look. I always use a pencil like the Tamer Brow Sculpt to fill in where you need some extra hairs."

Feeling inspired to create your perfect brow? Make sure you stock up on everything you need at George or pop into your local store.