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How To Find The Best Face Cream For Your Skin

If you’re struggling to find the right moisturiser for your skin type, follow our quick and easy guide.

How To Find The Best Face Cream For Your Skin

With hundreds of face creams and moisturisers on the shelves, finding the right one for your skin can feel like a bit of a mission. Anti-ageing? Dry skin? Oily? The options are endless!

The most important thing to focus on when choosing a new moisturiser is your main skin concern.

Before you invest in a pot of anything fancy however, ask yourself these four crucial questions and read our top tips on finding the best moisturiser for your skin type.


The most important thing to focus on when choosing a new moisturiser is your main skin concern. Are you concerned about fighting signs of early ageing? Reducing the appearance of deeper wrinkles? If so look for creams that include ingredients like Vitamin A, Hyaluronic Acid, Retinol and collagen-boosting peptides. If dullness and a lack of radiance is your main skin issue however, look for creams rich in vitamins C and E. When it comes to dry skin, you need moisturisers that are again high in vitamins A and E, while Hyaluronic Acid, glycerin and plant oils are all great for replenishing lost hydration. Oily skin that’s prone to breakouts can benefit from salicylic acid (found naturally in tomatoes) plus creams that are lightweight yet still hydrating. Once you know what you want, you’ll be able to sift through all the options far more quickly.


Once you know your main skin concern, consider what skin type you have. Are you especially dry or do you find that your skin can be very oily? Bear this in mind when choosing the texture of your moisturiser. For dry skin a richer cream is often best, perhaps teamed with a hydrating serum beforehand, while oily skin can benefit from a lighter, liquid or gel-like consistency that will hydrate and help to balance oil production. For sensitive skin look for natural or organic face creams that use fewer chemicals and synthetic ingredients.


Consider your daily routine and when you’ll use the moisturiser, as that’ll help you to decide what type of cream or the extras you’re looking for. Are you the low-maintenance type for example, who simply needs one cream to wear day and night? If so look for something that’s fairly lightweight to avoid it interfering with your make-up during the day. If you’re looking for a hard-working night cream that’ll replenish skin while you sleep, you can afford to look at heavier creams which take longer to absorb, but often come with more intensive hydrating properties. If you’re often strapped for time, a multi-purpose cream that doesn’t need to be topped up with additional serums and eye creams might be best.


If you’re looking for a day-only face cream, it’s a good idea to chose one with an added SPF to help protect against sun damage which can age your skin. If you rarely have time for make-up, a face cream which offers some light coverage too is handy, such as a BB cream or a line ‘blurring’ formulation. Many night creams now also include relaxing scents to help you drift off to sleep, so if you can be restless at night these could be a good  idea.