The future is very shiny for nails in 2017

Sci-fi nails are coming!

The future is very shiny for nails in 2017

This week, Pinterest released its '100 of 2017' trend report, which predicts what's we're all going to be pinning like crazy next year. 

It's compiled by their insights team, who have gone through lots of data to identify the top emerging trends. 

According to those who know, 2017 will spell the death of the coffin nail trend (it's pretty self-explanatory - the nails are shaped like a coffin).

2017 will also signal the rise of the chrome nail. The future is very shiny. 

Pins of chrome nails have apparently increased by 50% since the summer. 

So, how is the look achieved?

Well, it takes more than a coat of metallic paint to get yourself some mirrored nails. The magical futuristic effect is actually achieved with a chrome pigment, which should only be used by professionals (so don't try this at home). 

It also requires a base colour - black for a silver finish, bright yellow for gold, or pink for rose gold (the darker the colour, the darker the chrome) - and a water-based gel top coat.

Here's a quick tutorial:

We can't get enough of watching nail experts apply the chrome powder. And we love the results - in all colours. 

So, we recommend getting on the phone to your manicurist now to see if they do chrome nails. Or, you can also achieve the look with some chrome nail wraps or stick-on nails. 

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the fairest nails of them all?