How to get summer-ready legs

Say 'hello' to tanned, smooth lovely legs

How to get summer-ready legs

Getting your legs out for the very first time after a long winter of jeans and tights – it's a worrying prospect. But don't fear – you can wax, buff, moisturise and fake tan your way to glorious pins, until you're champing at the bit to pull on those short-shorts.

To help us get pampered, we've enlisted the help of beauty expert Alison Nowell, from Finders Brands – lovely legs, here we come...

1. Get your routine in place now

With our unpredictable climate, you never know when you'll be dealt a surprisingly warm, sunny day.

Alison said: "To get legs ready for the summer, start early. The sun can make a surprise appearance early in the year and catch you unaware. So my advice is to get your routine in place in April, then you won't be caught out."

2. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate 

Before you start slathering on the moisturiser and the fake tan, make sure you've scrubbed away any dead skin cells. 

Alison said: "Exfoliating is a must! You won't get an even coverage otherwise. My hero tanning accessory is mixing sea salt and oil and using on dry skin before showering which preps skin perfectly. The salt buffs away dead skin cells and the oil hydrates dry skin - a perfect 2-in-1 time saver. Use in the morning and your skin is prepped for your tan application in the evening. Always apply moisturiser over dry areas such as elbows, knees, palms and ankles." You could also use our Raspberry & Pomegranate Jelly Body Scrub.

3. Moisturise twice a day

You may get away with moisturising your body once a day in the winter, but if you're after perfect pins for summer then you'll need to up your beauty regime. 

Alison said: "Moisturise legs twice a day in the summer, after showering in the morning and then before bed. You can take your pick of products from balms and butters to lotions and creams. There's a huge array of choice to suit all budgets."

4. Make sure you manicure your nails

If you don't have the schedule or the budget to have a regular manicure, don't panic. Looking after your own nails will save you both time and money.

Alison said: "Push back cuticles and trim them with nippers. File nails once a week to keep them in shape. Buff them over to keep nails healthy and growth strong and when using polish, always use a base coat to prevent staining. A good hand cream is a must to keep hard working hands and feet hydrated and don't forget to massage it into dry cuticles at the same time."

5. Use hair conditioner to shave with

Alison said: "You don't need to spend money on expensive shaving foams, instead using shower gel works just as well or have you tried using hair conditioner? It gives great slip and legs feel amazingly soft afterwards too! Always use a good quality, brand new razor and work upwards from the ankle to the knee."

6. Find the hair remover that works for you

When it comes to hair removal, most of us fall into one of two camps - waxing or shaving.

Alison said: "Waxing or shaving is a personal choice; shaving is more immediate and can be done every day in the summer months to keep pins looking perfect. Waxing has longer term benefits. Most people book every four to six weeks for this service which means that legs need to stay hidden while waiting for your next appointment, however, regular waxing means less regrowth over time - an attractive proposition for many women. And, of course, you can do it yourself at home!"


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