How to prep your feet and toes for sandal season

Put your best foot forward with our step-by-step guide to making sure your feet are sandal-ready

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How to prep your feet and toes for sandal season

Walking to work, dancing in heels, going for a run, chasing after the kids... Your feet work hard for you every single day, yet are often ignored as you hide them away in your shoes and forget about their beauty needs.

Now, though, summer is here and the weather is hotting up, so it's your turn to work hard for them. Well, not too hard - in fact, prepping for sandal season is super-easy with our DIY pedi tips and some clever footcare products and gadgets...

Step one: soak

Once a week, take 15 minutes out of your schedule, fill a washing-up bowl with warm water (forget the pots and pans for a bit) then drop in a generous sprinkling of Asda Foot Crystals. These tingling little crystals dissolve to create a softening soak that treats hard-working skin and helps your muscles to relax. It will elevate your at-home foot pampering to a whole new level of luxury.

Step two: exfoliate

After giving your feet a good soak, rinse and pat them dry, then follow with some exfoliation to help remove any hard skin build-up. For this, we love nspa Fruit Extracts Rich Golden and Runny Honey Daily Refresh Body Scrub. Using it on dry feet helps to boost the smoothing effect.

If you have a lot of skin build-up, try 7th Heaven Soften Sock Masques. These little bootees are infused with extracts of shea butter, almond oil, soy bean and peppermint to help soften hard skin and refresh tired feet. Slip them on, give any dry spots a gentle massage, then sit back and chill. Tootsies that look and feel good as new aren't far away...

Step three: buff

The skin on your feet can be tough, so turbocharge your pedi and buff after exfoliating to make sure things are as smooth as they can be. Failing to remove the build-up of dead skin cells properly can lead to sore toes and cracked heels, but it's easy to buff your feet back into good condition.

Do it manually by working all three surfaces of the nspa Complete Foot Care File over your feet in turn, or do it electronically, with the Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Foot Care System. This battery-powered upgrade enhances the buffing effect and makes it a whole lot quicker, too!

Step four: trim

Now you're ready to trim those toenails! They'll be in a softer state having had a good soak, so cutting them correctly should be a breeze. Use Elegant Touch Professional Nail Scissors to cut straight across the top of the nail. Never do this in a curved fashion or snip off the corners as it may lead to problems such as ingrowing nails.

Once trimmed, tidy up your nails and prep for polish by filing with one of the Urban Beauty United Trio of Nail Files. Go gently as toes can be sensitive (and ticklish)!

Step five: hydrate

Moisturising your feet should be done after every shower or bath. Feet lose moisture when they sweat and need ruglar top-ups. Try Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Foot Magic with vitamin E plus peppermint extract for a cooling sensation. Want a more hardcore hit of hydration? Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Nourishing Foot Cream is your new go-to.

Got cracked heels? Keep Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Heel Repair handy. Just slick the stick onto your heels, then let them reap the benefits.

Step six: polish

A quick paint job will finish off your pedicure nicely. Before you get colourful, separate your toes with twisted-up tissues to stop any smudging, and leave in place until your polish is completely dry. Now you're ready to paint! George Long Lasting Nail Polish in Euphoria is perfect if you're a fan of a classic red nail.

More the au naturel type? Collection Lasting Gel Colour Nail Polish in Almost Nude will look pretty. And if you're up for a summery plum hue, go for the super shiny George Gel Effect Nail Polish in Masquerade. Remember, happy colours make for happy feet!

Want to give your feet the pamper session they deserve this summer? Make sure to stock up on everything you need at Asda or pop into your local store.