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Kate Middleton sparks a comeback of the hairnet!

Well, if it's good enough for The Duchess...

Kate Middleton sparks a comeback of the hairnet!

We already love her for her family photos and extensive charity work, but just one more reason we can't get enough of the Duchess of Cambridge is her amazing fashion sense. And now our favourite royal has done it again! Last week, the Duchess of Cambridge sported a rather unique accessory: a hairnet! Worn under her hat while attending the centenary commemorations for the Battle of the Somme in France, the hairnet kept the Duchess's classic chignon contained in a chic and stylish way. 

If Kate has given hairnets the royal seal of approval, then it's only a matter of time before we'll be seeing them everywhere. And she's not the only one embracing this chic look! Hairnets were seen all over the catwalk this season, from veils to fascinators to updos. But you don't need to be a royal or a model to don this new beauty trend – a chic hairnet can be yours for just £1.50. Find out why you should add this accessory to your beauty arsenal below... 

Why the hairnet is the new beauty trend you'll love

Forget the dinner lady-style hairnets of the past, this new trend is all about adding a retro twist and elegant touch to your 'do. A classic hairnet is the perfect way to keep any flyaway strands in place (which can be very useful in British weather), plus will keep your bun from falling down and drooping. 

But the hairnet goes beyond simply containing hair – it can also be a chic accessory and make a strong style statement – as seen in this year's Gucci fashion shows. 

How to wear the hairnet

The Duchess's hairnet was very subtle, with the netting perfectly matching her hair colour. For chic updos and more formal occassions, make like Kate Middleton and opt for a hairnet that matches your hair colour. An effortless look can be achieved by braiding your hair at the nape of your neck, then rolling the braid upwards and securing with hair grips before adding your hairnet to keep everything in place. 

On the Autumn/Winter 2016 catwalks, hairnets were much more of a statement piece with bright and clashing colours taking centre stage. Cap-style hairnets (reminiscent of the 1920s) are a favourite of fashion designers like Jean Paul Gaultier, but for a more wearable look try adding some netting in the form of a chic veil.

Gucci's models were seen on the runway this season with brightly coloured hairnets and fascinators that contrasted with their outfits. Would you dare to sport this colourful look?

Make like the Duchess of Cambridge and start sporting a chic hairnet - find yours in Asda's health and beauty section.