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How to keep your make-up immaculate on a hot day

Sweat-proof and durable, these make-up tips will keep you looking fresh all summer long

How to keep your make-up immaculate on a hot day

Although a day in the summer heat leaves us happy on the inside, it often amounts to smeared eyeliner and melted foundation on the outside.

The good news is that it’s incredibly easy to fix up your face for hot summer days. All you need to keep your complexion looking fresh and your skin in tip-top condition are these make-up tips from make-up artist Carly Hobbs. Having worked with the likes of Lindsay Lohan and Tess Daly, if we're going to trust anyone to help us fix our face faux-pas, it's Carly.

Carly says, "Make-up and sunshine are a match made in look-good heaven, so long as you go for light layers, take the less-is-more approach, and make dewiness the aim of the beauty game."

Check out Carly's summer make-up guide below for a face that'll last all day.

1. fail to prepare, prepare to fail

To make sure your make-up lasts until the end of the day, lock in your look with a thought-out skincare routine.

Carly says, "Treating your skin with respect, love and the targeted attention it needs is key. Without it, faces appear dull and dry - plus, no matter how much make-up you put on, you'll never look glowy or fresh! The absolute basics are a serum or oil and a top moisturiser with SPF!"

Work a pea-sized amount of nspa Beauty Rituals Luminous Glow Brightening Serum all over the face and down the neck. This serum contains Ginseng, Maca Root and Essential Oil of Neroli that will hydrate and nourish the skin, leaving you radiant.

Once the serum has had the chance to be fully absorbed, apply another pea-sized splodge of Nivea Rich Moisturiser SP15 Day Cream to the face and neck. This wonder-product is not only rich and hydrating, but the SPF will protect your delicate cells from harsh summer rays that can be extremely damaging over the course of the summer.

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2. Prime time

A great primer will smooth your skin's surface, stopping base make-up from gathering in your pores resulting with a smoother finish that'll look fresh for longer.

"Think of primer as the reliable building block of your make-up routine," explains Carly. "It smoothes over the skin giving an even texture to which all your other products can hold on to."

Collection's Anti-Fatigue Illuminating Primer will stop any kind of slipping as it gives make-up an invisible layer to hang on to. Magic. Make sure you rub it all over your whole complexion, including eyelids and right into the corners at either side of the nose.

3. Less is more

A light coverage base is all you need in summer. Carly says, "Not only will a lighter coverage look prettier in the summer, it will actually last longer as heavy bases melt off quicker than you can say Mr Whippy!"

For a fresh and dewy finish, apply Garnier Original BB Cream with fingers or a sponge from the nose outwards. Blend a tiny amount of George Cover Up Concealer Stick wherever you may need to – typically over spots, around the nose and under the eyes – patting, rather than rubbing, it into place with your fingertips. Patting helps to minimalise streaks in your make-up, helping you achieve that 'perfect skin' illusion.

Give your base some extra staying-power with a light dusting of Collection Sheer Loose Powder in Barely There. This will absorb any sheen as the day goes on, keeping you looking fresh no matter how hot it is outside.

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4. Cheeks and eyes

A casual cheek contour is a brilliant look for sunny days, and helps to give the impression that you've been sitting out in the sun. What's more, those cheek products also double up as eyeshadow for a natural, flattering look.

Carly says, "When working with bronzer, don't overload your powder brush. Swirl a little George Matte Diva Bronzer over the high points of your face - tops of cheekbones, temples, hair line and across the bridge of the nose - then use a clean brush to blur the lines. If you have pale skin, use a contour powder instead."

Next, dab a little George Glow Beam Drops Liquid Highlighter in 'Aura' on the tops of your cheekbones and the inner two-thirds of your eyelids. This will catch natural light, giving you a dazzling glow that will last until sunset.

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5. Ditch the brow pencil for summer

A brow pencil can sometimes be a little too harsh against light summery make-up, and is likely to get smudged in the heat.

Instead, comb a little Rimmel London 'Brow This Way' Styling Gel through your eyebrows to add definition. Once dry, this miracle product won't budge until you wash it away with make-up remover or facewash, perfect for fun in the sun. It's even pool and sea-safe!

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6. Volumise your lashes

Panda eyes may sound cute, but in practise this make-up faux pas is a common, sad side-effect of summer weather…until now.

Keep your lashes looking long, luscious and 100% smudge-free by using a waterproof mascara in the summer months such as George's Pool Party Waterproof Mascara. While regular mascara tends to break down, flake and smudge in humid conditions, a good waterproof number will bypass all this, leaving you looking fluttery and fabulous. Give them a curl with this QVS eyelash curler before applying your mascara to maximise your eyelash's natural lift.

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7. Keep statement lips for chillier times

"Who wants a high maintenance red, pink or orange lip in the summer?!" For Carly, "They only get in the way of biting into burgers and sipping Pimm's, whereas a sheer nude pout won't get in the way of summer fun."

Opt for a brilliant nude lip liner that won't budge like Maybelline Color Shaping Lip Liner in Nude Whisper. Lip liners are a great option for summer as they don't have the same 'melted' consistency as lipstick when they heat up, giving you the defined and luscious pout of your dreams no matter the forecast.

Remember to keep those lips hydrated with Rimmel London Kate Lip Balm in Clear. For the perfect summer look, work the lip pencil around the lip line, making sure to keep your cupid's bow defined, then blur the nude shade into the rest of the lip with your fingers. Slick over a layer of balm et voilà!

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Feeling inspired to get creative with your summer make-up look? Make sure you stock up on everything you need at Asda or pop into your local store