Expert tips on styling your moustache this Movember

No mo' problems

Expert tips on styling your moustache this Movember

So, you've taken the leap and, inspired by 80s greats from Lionel Richie to Tom Selleck, you've started to grow your mo' for Movember. Good on you. 

It's a great cause. As well as championing the oft-overlooked moustache, Movember seeks to raise awareness and funds to help tackle some of the biggest health issues facing men, from mental health to male cancer. 

It's also a subject close to Asda's heart because of their partnership with Orchid, a A UK charity devoted to research and treatment in men's cancers. 

But, here you are a week into Movember, with a few bristles starting to sprout on your upper lip (hopefully), and you probably have no idea how to tame your new 'tache. 

Fortunately, we've spoken to Murdock London, masters in barbering, grooming and skincare, to find out how to maintain your mo'. 

Murdock London's top tips for growing a 'tache

1. Be confident

Our first key tip approaching a strong mo-growing campaign is to not be unsettled by this alien upper lip hair. If you're going to sport a moustache for the month then you should approach it with confidence and flair. 

2. Don't ditch the morning shave

For the full moustache effect and definition, keep shaving the rest of your face throughout the month. 

3. Be patient 

It's all for a good cause first and foremost so don't let the idea of having a few whiffs of flimsy fluff dragging over your lip become a burden, but rather relish in the challenge. Be patient and let the mo' grow. 

4. Pick a suitable style

Don't stress over heavier, unachievable styles before you’ve even started - especially gentlemen just taking part in the month-long event. If your moustache hair isn't too thick you can grow your hair longer and part it to create a thicker looking layer.

Alternatively, keep it trim and maintained over the top lip. This gives more structure and a stronger shape. Creating a clean edge both above and below the hair will make it seem thicker. You can always book an appointment with a barber for an expert trim to better establish and define your shape.

If you're still in need of some mo' inspo, why not check out our list of iconic 'taches?

5. Start stylin' 

Once your mo' has grown and you've picked your style, you'll need to start maintaining it.

If you're looking to curl and twizzle then you should undercut the hair. At this point you may want to see your barber for some friendly advice and to form the style. For longer, more intricate styles let the 'tache do its thing whilst combing through with a moustache comb and using moustache wax.

Remember to let your moustache hair grow out before consulting a barber to achieve your target look.

6. A good mo' requires good upkeep

Use a daily facial wash to keep the 'tache tidy and a facial scrub a couple of times a week to keep clean of any, ahem, debris. Finally, remember to moisturise the skin underneath the moustache. 

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