Behold the most masterful ‘taches of all time

Providing all your old-school Movember inspiration!

Behold the most masterful ‘taches of all time

Welcome to Movember, when men everywhere will suddenly start sprouting mysterious fuzz on their upper lip for a very important cause - to raise awareness and funds to help tackle some of the biggest health issues facing men.

This includes prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health and suicide prevention.

Raising awareness is key as statistically, men are less likely to seek help or advice if they have a medical problem. But before you embark on growing your ‘tache this Movember, it’s important to think about what look you want to go for – will it be thin and trim, or big and bushy?

For all your mo’ inspo here are the most iconic ‘taches of all time (note: some of these *might* take longer than a month to grow).

The Clark Gable

For the very classy gent.

Magnum PI

Why not recreate the ultimate 80s ‘tache? #NeverForget.

The Dali

For those who like their facial hair a little on the surreal side.

The Toothbrush

The precision mo'.

The Handlebar

For the sartorialists. 

The Ron Burgundy

For the failed newsreaders.

The Lionel

Yes, Lionel it’s you we’re looking for. Well, your glorious moustache mostly, but you too.

The Fassbender 

A full-bodied mo'. 

The Hipster

Technically, this is against the rules because it’s supposed to be all about the mo’- no beards allowed. That said, we know no self-respecting hipster can resist a full beard with their moustache and flat white. 

The Gosling

The laidback mo', worn with plenty of stubble. 

Tips for keeping your mo' looking trim

  • Start with a good clean shave
  • Pick the right moustache style for you (see above). 
  • Shave and trim to keep in shape - use a dedicated beard trimmer for precision and use professional moustache scissors to trim longer hairs around the mouth. 
  • Style using a moustache comb and wax for definition.
  • Use a daily facial wash to keep the 'tache tidy and a facial scrub a couple of times a week to keep clean of any, ahem, debris. 
  • Remember to moisturise the skin underneath the moustache. 


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