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Pump up the volume with these no heat hairstyles

Get curls, bounce or even straightened locks with these easy hacks

Pump up the volume with these no heat hairstyles

It's no secret that using heat when styling your hair can be a nightmare waiting to happen. From frazzled ends to damaged lengths, sometimes the only answer is to sacrifice style to give our manes a break. Not anymore – with these easy no heat hairstyles you'll soon be sporting luscious locks without the pitfalls, so you can look your best 100% of the time.

The 't-shirt no heat hairstyle'

Get beachy waves with an old t-shirt.

Curl your damp hair around a twisted t-shirt and indulge in a good night’s sleep. Voilà, sultry mermaid waves by morning! 

The 'volumising no heat hairstyle'

Perfect for those in-between-washes days, this technique let's you channel the 60s and add volume to your crown with a bit of backcombing.

Separate your hair into sections, backcomb and then pin into place. Easy!


Easy Everyday Hair style �� Have fun xx #voguethreads #vegas_nay

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The 'knot-so-simple no heat hairstyle'

Want shine and style? Get salon-level curls with this knotty idea.

Using a bit of hair spray, simply twist and knot your hair to keep in place. Wait a couple of hours before pulling the knots loose and everyone will think you’ve spent the morning in the salon.


HEATLESS CURLS ��Take BIG sections of hair ��Spray it with water ��Twist the section ��Two fingers on top ��Roll it over or under, Until you are 2 inches away from the bottom. ��Now grab that end with the two fingers and pull it part-way through the loop, leaving a little tail on the other side. ��Leave it 3 or 5 hours ��and finally just pull on the little tail we made before and ready to go / ESPANOL ONDAS SIN CALOR ��Tomar secciones grandes de pelo ��Rociarla con agua��Enrollarla��Colocar 2 dedos en la Parte superior ��Pasar el cabello por encima o debajo y girarlo alrededor ♥️��#hudabeauty #vegas_nay #wakeupandmakeup #makegirlz #anastasiabeverlyhills #hairstyle #curls #heatlesscurls #Sherrymaldonado #peinado

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The 'pop-up no heat hairstyle'

Did you know you could use bubble wrap to achieve a brand new hairstyle?

Cut bubble wrap into strips and wind sections of hair around it, before tying the loose ends of the wrap. A couple of hours later you’ll have ready-made, bubblicious hair!


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The 'FOB no heat hairstyle'

Want a shorter hairstyle but afraid to go for the chop? This one speaks for itself.

Fake a bob by rolling your hair under, towards the nape of your neck, before pinning it in place with bobby pins. Spray to finish and hey presto – a beautiful new hairstyle without any regret.

The 'wrap around no heat hairstyle'

This one will tame even the most curly or unruly hair to produce straightened locks without the hassle.

Just wash your hair, comb through and then literally wrap your hair around your head by pinning wet hair flat. Then just wait until it dries and you’re good to go.

The 'foiled-again no heat hairstyle'

For this one you’ll need a lot of spare kitchen foil, but it will leave you with the prettiest corkscrew curls.

Instead of just plaiting wet hair, try braiding damp locks with kitchen foil. Allow to dry and you guessed it – it’s as easy as that. You can hang on to your foil for next time, saving waste as well.

The 'crimp my ride no heat hairstyle'

Bring crimped locks back with this fabulously 90s style.

If you want to forgo the foil mentioned above, follow the steps exactly and you’ll get crimped hair overnight. 


Please press play⏩⏩⏩⏩⏩ @hudabeauty #hudabeauty @vegas_nay #vegas_nay @peinadosvideos #peinadosvideos Я заплела косички на ночь...три на макушке(для объема БЕЗ НАЧЕСА),и по две по бокам ... 2-Расплетаем косички и пальчиками раскрываем (никаких расчесок‼️‼️ ,иначе будете похожи на одуванчика) 3-Определяем пробор 4-Можете воспользоваться лаком,для закрепления укладки.. ✅ Девочки,вы можете заплетать косичек столько,сколько пожелаете��,захотели легкие волны -заплели меньше косичек (НО СТРОГО ПО ЭТОЙ ТЕХНИКЕ); захотели взрыв-чем больше тем взрывнее укладка��������) ✨Все гениальное-просто �� Пробуйте,милые.Жду ваших кучеряшек ���� ставьте хештег #афрокатя @natalieannehair #natalieannehair @sarahangius #sarahangius

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The texturising no heat hairstyle

Not for the fainthearted, this style requires just as much confidence as skill.

Spritz small sections of hair with hairspray before using your fingers to do all the hard work, adding some artistic texture to suit your style.


Добрый вечер. Распущенный вариант этой прически Вы увидите чуть ниже в ленте, а сейчас я хочу показать Вам возможные варианты на разные случаи жизни. Очень хочу, чтобы Вы обратили внимание, что когда я вытягиваю волосы с внутренней стороны, прядь остаётся ровной , и так как ровной пряди некуда выпрямиться, кудри, которые по верх неё, сохраняют свою форму до следующего мытья волос!_______________________________________________________________Good evening. The lose variant of this hairstyle You can see below in the page, and now I would like to show You the possible various variants for every kids occasions. I would like You to pay Your attention that when I straight the hair from the inner side, the strand of hair is straight and as the straight strand has nowhere to straight, the curls that are above it keep their form till next washing.

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