Blonde girl with curly hair

Will ‘umbrella-ing’ give you perfect curls?

The new trick promises soft, bouncy curls

Will ‘umbrella-ing’ give you perfect curls?

Great news for girls who love curls. There's a brand new curling technique in town and it's addictive. Called 'The Umbrella Tease' or 'umbrella-ing', it's the perfect way to get fluffy, soft curls – whether you're after ringlets or looser waves.

Umbrella-ing involves gently stretching and then backcombing each curl to achieve greater volume and will have your curls on their A-game in an instant. An easy way to achieve a pretty head of candy-floss curls, umbrella-ing doesn't involve expensive styling tools or otherworldly styling abilities.

Don't believe us? Take a look at it in action below:

Created by American hair stylist Kat Zemtsova, umbrella-ing is so easy to achieve: You simply add volume by taking hold of one curl at a time, holding onto the end and pulling the rest of the hair up, then down. This motion, similar to opening and closing an umbrella, is what gives the technique it's unusual name.

The volume of the curl originally sits at the roots, but by pulling and stretching the hair you distribute the volume more evenly, creating a more textured finish in the process.

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