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Update your look with the best make-up trends for spring

Iridescent colour and evocative 90s inspiration will overhaul your makeup bag this spring

Update your look with the best make-up trends for spring

This year's spring make-up trends mark the end of our obsession with natural beauty and a return to bold and bright colour. BUT, even though red lips and blue eyeliner dominated the catwalks this season, that doesn't mean caking yourself in make-up is back in fashion. This season's make-up trends are far more modern: Bright red lipstick was teamed with dewy skin, blue eyeshadow was in smokey mermaid hues and contouring gave way to its softer sister, strobing. 

The 90s were also back, but with a 2016 update. Think softer, lighter complexions with artfully smudged eyeliner and dark lipstick with a glossy sheen, rather than the matte browns from first time around. Look to Kate Moss circa '92 and wear your mascara heavy and your lips natural. And the hair? Think Moss for your locks too. Lived in, rough around the edges and easy to care for, this season's hair is much tougher than winter's romantic curls and waves. Look to the catwalk to see the variety on show: This isn't one size fits all: wear your hair long and loose, cut in shaggy layers or hide behind a floppy fringe. This spring, the world is your oyster...

Spring make-up trend #1: Red hot

Red lipstick is back in a big way for spring, but this season it's more relaxed. Keep your hair unfussy and your skin dewy – and definitely don't wear much eye make-up – and you are good to go, day or night.

Spring make-up trend #2: The killer cut

We've spent years dreaming of long flowing locks but this season, the beauty world has turned its back on traditionally covetable cuts. Be brave and go for a bit of a chop this spring, whether that's with a fringe, a mid-length cut, layers – or all three. Let your individuality shine through.

Spring make-up trend #3: Strobing

Like contouring, but easier and more realistic. Essentially, strobing is highlighting and all you need to know is where to dab your illuminator. Aim for the cheekbones, brow bones, down the centre of the nose and in the corners of the eye. Not only does strobing emphasise your best features, but it also gives fresh and dewy (not to mention youthful) skin in an instant.

Spring make-up trend #4: Blue eyed baby

In a big move away from the no-make-up-make-up look that's dominated our routines for so long, this summer sees a shift towards bright blue eye make-up. Everything from colbalt blue eyeliner to sapphire eyeshadow goes, but our favourite is shimmering aquamarine eyeshadow. Apply all over your eyelids for pretty mermaid eyes this season.

Spring make-up trend #5: Lived in liner

Forget precise cat flicks because this season, eyeliner is smudged and sexy. Quicker and easier to achieve than Bardot's favourite look, use kohl eyeliner to outline the eyes and then smudge to give your make-up that lived in look – think early 90s grunge and you've got the look just right.

Spring make-up trend #6: Kate Moss

The 90s are back in a big way this season (see above) but if you're looking for one particular beauty icon, it has to be Kate Moss circa 1992. Think bare skin, undone hair and a general air of efforless beauty. That shouldn't be too hard, should it?

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