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The great winter skincare switchover 

Cold weather alert! Upgrade your skincare routine to combat the blustery, frosty weather and show your skin some TLC

The great winter skincare switchover 

Brrrrrr… winter is well and truly here, with icy temps and eye-wateringly chilly winds. But while wrapping up in bobble hats and cosy coats is good fashion news, the harsh cold can wreak havoc on your complexion.

As winter temperatures fall and the air gets drier, your skin pays the price!

"As winter temperatures fall and the air gets drier, your skin pays the price," says Simple skin expert and dermatologist Dr Philippa Lowe.

"In colder conditions, the skin is less able to protect itself, which can lead to dehydration, inflammation and cracked skin. Switching your products and adopting a good skincare routine can do wonders."

So whatever your winter woes, read on...

Uneven skin tone

The Situation

"Uneven skin tone is usually caused by either an excess or lack of melanin, the skin’s colour pigment," explains Dr Lowe. "It’s typically caused by unprotected sun exposure or hormonal changes. Both these are an issue at this time of year, as people often forget SPF protection in winter, and hormone levels can go up and down with seasonal changes."

The Solution

Use daily UVA/UVB protection, such as Olay Total Effects BB Cream. Not only gives your skin an SPF15 layer of defence, but it’s tinted to even out complexion tone. 

Dull Complexion

The Situation

"Dull skin is caused by a build-up of dead skin cells on the outer layer," reveals Dr Lowe. "Although cell turnover doesn’t actually slow down during the winter months, skin cells do 'die' faster as they dehydrate." 

The Solution

Improve skin texture by gently exfoliating twice a week. Be careful, though, not to overdo it. Use nspa Brightening Micro Derma Scrub, then opt for a gentle daily cleanser like Olay Refreshing Facial Cleansing Gel for radiance. 


The Situation

"The main cause of dry skin at this time of year is its limited ability to retain normal moisture levels due to damage caused by harsh winter conditions,’ says Dr Lowe. 

The Solution

Moisturise, moisturise and moisturise again! Body-wise, Palmer's Cocoa Butter is a classic for a reason - this rich, hydrating formula is quickly absorbed by the skin, so you're not left feeling greasy or oily. Apply generously day and night, working it in with your hands.

For your face, try nourishing Nivea Daily Essentials Rich Moisturising Day Cream SPF15. Almond oil works with the natural oils in your skin to lock in moisture all day, helping to prevent dehydration for even the most sensitive or dry skin.

Chapped lips

The Situation

"Chapped lips are lips that are excessively dry," says Dr Lowe. "The skin in this area is super thin, so lips have a poor protective barrier compared to the rest of our face, making them particularly prone to this problem." 

The Solution

Carry a lip balm with you at all times, so you can top up your lips' moisture levels whenever they need it. Nivea's Original Care Lip Balm contains almond oil, shea butter and jojoba oil to soothe, hydrate and protect. It’s got UVA/UVB protection and the strawberry and cherry versions offer a hint of colour, too – that’ll put a smile on your face!


The situation

"This can be caused by damage to the skin barrier or by specific conditions," says Dr Lowe – and wintery winds and chills will make it flair up.

The Solution

A hard-working hydrator designed for sensitive skin, Olay Complete Sensitive Day Cream SPF15 contains aloe vera to calm your complexion. Gently smooth into your face and neck – it sinks in like a dream.  

Show your skin some tender loving care this winter! Make sure you stock up on all your beauty essentials online at Asda or pop into your local store