Can you tell the real celebrity from their amazing lookalikes?

Were they separated at birth?

Can you tell the real celebrity from their amazing lookalikes?

These seven Instagram stars will make you do a double take!

1. Leonardo di Caprio

We all remember the young Leo who melted hearts around the world with his role as Jack in Titanic. Swoon.


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But could his Swedish doppelgänger Konrad Annerud give him a run for his money?

The 21-year-old musician, now Instagram star, was tapped by Barneys New York to model in a look book showcasing the latest collection from Ralph Lauren Purple Label.


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2. Angeline Jolie

One of the most beautiful (and most famous) women in the world, her cat eyes and plump lips are recognisable the world over, and impossible to imitate. Right?

Wrong. It seems Angelina must have some sort of secret twin, as 24-year-old Chelsea Louise Marr, from Aberdeen in Scotland, looks so identical it's uncanny!

Can you spot the difference?

Chelsea Marr already has over 118,000 Instagram followers and growing and you can see why.

If it weren't for the fact she is considerably younger than Ange, we would think they had been separated at birth!

 3. Katy Perry

The world is full of Katy Perry impersonators, but they may as well start packing up their bags as we've found her body double...


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Instagram star Francesca Brown not only looks like her, but can sing like her too!


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4. Miley Cyrus

She's known for wearing ridiculously skimpy clothes, pouting, sticking her tongue out, and for general bad behaviour, so she's not too difficult to impersonate.

But we think we've found the front runner!


Amazing ���������� @mileycyrus #mileycyrus #smiler #bangerz

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Doesn't Mardee Raquel from California look the spitting image?

5. Rihanna

Can you tell Barbados beauty and world famous singer Rihanna and Andele Lara apart? We can't.


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 Andele's resemblance to Rihanna have earned her a whopping 67,000 fans!


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6. Zayn Malik

The former One Direction star is indistinguishable from model Flamur Ukshini from Kosovo. 


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The same chiselled face, thick eyebrows and broody eyes... All that Flamur needs now is a Gigi Hadid lookalike by his side!


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7. Kendall Jenner

It's no wonder that supermodel and Victoria Secret "Angel" Kendall Jenner's body double is a professional model too.


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Russian model Kate Bogucharskaia is often mistaken for Kendall Jenner, and when you see some of her modelling portfolio it's easy to see why!

Who do you think made the most convincing celebrity lookalike?