The Secret Behind Victoria Beckham’s Glowing Skin Is Not What You’d Expect

You won't find it in the beauty aisle...

The Secret Behind Victoria Beckham’s Glowing Skin Is Not What You’d Expect

The gorgeous husband, a lust-worthy wardrobe, adorable children, famous mates - we certainly wouldn't mind swapping places with Victoria Beckham for a day or two! Another reason why we love Posh Spice? She always (or at least since her Spice Girls days!) manages to look effortlessly stylish, in no small part thanks to her glowing complexion. 

While we can't all be best friends with Eva Longoria (or married to Becks!), we can steal Victoria's beauty tips - especially when they're surprisingly affordable. The former pop star has revealed her secret behind that flawless skintone, and it's not what you might expect. It turns out that one of VB's top skincare tips is to make sure that she gets a healthy dose of omega 3’s from salmon - and a whole lot of it!

"I see a dermatologist in LA, called Dr Harold Lancer, who is incredible," Victoria revealed to The EDIT magazine recently. "I’ve known him for years – he sorted my skin out. I used to have really problematic skin and he said to me, ‘You have to eat salmon every single day.’ I said, ‘Really, every day?’ And he said, ‘Yes; breakfast, lunch or dinner, you have to eat it every single day.'"

Victoria has previously revealed that she suffered from break-outs and acne throughout her time with The Spice Girls. While its unlikely that her salmon intake is soley responsible for her current beautiful visage, studies have shown that fatty fish are full of omega-3 fatty acids and good-for-you vitamins A and C, which can help fight inflammation and keep skin supple.

We're not sure that we can get on board with eating salmon every day but it certainly can't help to enjoy a serving for dinner this weekend! 

Victoria also revealed in the interview some of her worst fashion bloopers - including walking around Disneyland while nine months pregnant with son Romeo in massive heels! Guess even the rich and famous make mistakes...

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