Make-up bag

The make up bag essentials you’ll need to see you through winter

You don't have to spend a fortune if you want to update your skincare routine

The make up bag essentials you’ll need to see you through winter

Just like fashion, everyday make-up and skincare routines can often vary depending on the changing seasons.

You don't have to spend a fortune to look after your skin

During summer, you might opt for a lighter foundation, such as a BB cream, and in the autumn you might apply some autumnal-coloured eyeshadow, such as a copper, on your lids to add a pop of sparkle to your eyes.

And with the wintery weather well and truly here to stay (by the looks of things), it seems that it's definitely the season for nourishing our bodies with rich moisturisers to hydrate our tired skin. 

So this January, update your make-up bag with essentials you'll need to see you through until spring. Afterall, you don't have to spend a fortune to look after your skin. 


Look after your lips this winter with some nourishing lip balms and lipsticks.

This L'Oréal Color Riche formula hits the mark for providing the 'richest colour and the richest care', in one lipstick. And as well as its intense colour pigment, which will help add some colour to your face, it's also enriched with a combination of Omega-3 oils and Vitamin E. This means it's perfect for protecting your lips from drying.

Or if you're looking for a quick fix day and night, Vaseline will be your saviour! 



As long as you have a good moisturiser, the cold and frosty weather won't be able to touch your skin. Try using some Nivea Rich Moisturiser which comes with natural almond oil and be sure to apply some moisture-rich night cream to help keep dryness at bay. 

Foundation wise, how lovely would it be to have a dewy glow in the middle of January? Well, thanks to Rimmel's Wake Me Up Foundation you can get exactly that. 


Expired beauty products can actually cause skin breakouts and eye infections so it’s important to make a mental note of how long your products have been knocking around for.

So, ditch your old-aged mascara and make your eyes the focal point this winter with Rimmel's Scandal Eyes mascara.

And if you're a lover of eyeshadows, Collection's Work The Colour in baked bronze will help give some dramatic definition. 


Glitter strobing was the holiday beauty trend which took the internet by storm at the end of last year. For those who missed it, it's a basic highlighting technique, and it's all about achieving a fresh and dewy look by applying shimmery illuminator to the cheek bones.

However, as we move into spring, step away from the highlighter, put down your bronzer and add a hint of colour to your cheeks. George's creme blush can be used on your cheeks and on your lips too, or try Collection's Speedy Blush, which you can blend into the apples of cheeks easily. 

Feeling inspired to update your make-up bag this January? Make sure you head online to see the full range or pop into your local Asda store