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Elemental June Forecast

Your monthly tarot card reading based on your star sign

Elemental June Forecast

We asked Tarot card expert Kerry Ward AKA Tarot Bella what she’s forecasting for June based on your Sun Sign. Let’s go…

Air signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Cards: Seven of Coins, The Hermit, King of Wands

The Seven of Coins is a ~slow down~ card, meaning you’ve come to a natural pause in your life, and an important one at that. This card is a prompt to stand still and reflect on the story-so-far. Where have you come from, what have you achieved, and, most importantly, what matters now and what’s next? Don’t be concerned by the amount of time, energy or effort you’ve already invested into things, just because it’s something you’ve always done, or always wanted, doesn’t mean it’s something you HAVE to take forward or make part of your future. Things change, so do we.

The Hermit reveals this is a private, personal, and serious period of consideration and thought for you. It’s time to take yourself, and your life, seriously, and to honestly acknowledge where your outlook or priorities have changed. You CAN adjust, you can go in a new direction from here, you can change. Take a little ~time out~ from your life, seek mental and emotional space in order to think and ponder on your progress and priorities. Do this alone.

The King of Wands is standing beside you, throughout this reflection, and he is waiting to receive instructions. He is a bold, bright risk-taker, full of adventure and ambition. He knows that you’re getting ready to turn the page and write your most inspiring chapter yet, and that you might need his outgoing, courageous energy to help get the ball rolling.
June is a turning point. Think carefully, and make some bold plans. And then…. Just begin. 


Earth signs: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo

Cards: Three of Cups, Queen of Swords, The Hierophant

You are realising that you don’t feel the same or think the same as those closest to you, on matters that count right now, and it’s bothering you because you like to be aligned fully with those you care about. The Hierophant is the key card here, and points to this mini, internal ~rebellion~ you are dealing with. Circumstances have changed so fast that you’ve not really had chance to let your emotions and outlook catch up, so your inner world feels stirred up and uncertain. You like to be on an even keel, so this isn’t working for you.

The Queen of Swords advises a period of introspection. Only you can figure out where you now stand, what your values are, and if / how your priorities have shifted. It’s not for anyone else to tell you how you feel or what you want, it has to come from within. Your ~homework~ now is to process your feelings and come to some conscious conclusions about your position and viewpoint.

In the meantime, with others, have FUN. The Three of Cups is a YOLO kind of card, reminding us that life is short, precious, and meant to be enjoyed, not just survived! Don’t let your inner musings prevent you from engaging with those you love and like, and doing things which put a smile on your face. How you feel or what you believe shouldn’t alienate you from others, in fact it’s actually none of their business!


Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Cards: Eight of Swords, Temperance, Nine of Wands

Something will emerge this month which causes a frown. The Nine of Wands is a ~challenge~ card, and points to obstacles which arise in areas of life we’re already wearied by. You might think: oh no, not this AGAIN. But fear not! This card also means this is the last time you’ll have to encounter this issue, and you can actually resolve it fully and finally this time, AND it won’t be as hard as you think.

What will make the difference this time is shown by the Eight of Swords. You will come to see that you have been getting in your own way here. You have been projecting internal fears as external barriers, which have held you in place and triggered the re-emergence of the same issues. Change your mindset, change your behaviour, change the results. This will happen naturally.

Temperance reveals this shift will be a lasting one, and the results of resolving this long-standing issue will create a ~new normal~. You will rediscover your ~centre~, your sense of stability and harmony. Everything will settle down into place perfectly, and your moods and feelings will rebalance. You probably don’t realise the low level of ongoing dread you suppress because of this unresolved issue, and when it’s finally combatted, you will feel enormous relief and peace. So, face down your issues in a new way this June, and come out on top.


Water signs: Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio

Cards: Six of Swords, Page of Cups, Three of Swords

Be led by your best hopes, rather than worst fears, and you will exit a difficult situation this June, and finally move on to new horizons. The Six of Swords is all about departures and leaving the past behind, and reassures you that this won’t be a sad or painful experience. Actually, it will feel cathartic and healing, you are more ready for this than you realise. The ~growing pains~ have been nagging at you for some time, for a good reason, because it IS time to go.

The Three of Swords shows that this situation has been a difficult one, which you won’t miss! Someone has behaved poorly towards you, and you’ve received less than you deserve. There’s nothing to regret or hold on to here, it’s not a good place for you, and it is unlikely to ever improve. Walk on with your head high.

The Page of Cups is the glimmer of optimism, hope and renewal that this departure sparks within. You realise that as one door closes, many more have the potential to open. You start to think about where next, what next, even WHO next! Have faith and move forwards. You deserve better than what you’ve received, and good karma surprises await you.


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