Fashion hacks by caroline jones and fiona wright book cover

10 fashion hacks every woman should know

From dressing for your body shape to finding the perfect pair of jeans, Fashion Hacks: 500 Stylish Wardrobe Solutions will show you how!

10 fashion hacks every woman should know

If you struggle to dress for your body shape, or find yourself pulling on the same tired outfits day-in, day-out, you need to read these brilliant fashion hacks.

These top fashion tips will see you dressing well, whatever the occasion

Fresh from brand new style guide Fashion Hacks: 500 Simple Ways To A Stylish Wardrobe by Caroline Jones and Fiona Wright, these top tips will see you dressing well, whatever the occasion.

Here’s our round-up of the book’s top 10 hacks, from building the perfect capsule wardrobe to making sure you always own a pair of figure flattering jeans.


A capsule wardrobe full of neutral shades can reduce the amount of time you have to spend putting looks together because you already have basics that work together. Keep to black, navy, grey, beige, cream and white.


A tailored shirt will look great for work and can also be dressed down with jeans at the weekend. Choose good quality cotton for crispness.


Always try on shoes towards the end of a shopping trip when your feet are at their hottest and most swollen to get a better idea of how they will fit.


Finding the perfect pair of jeans is no easy feat, so when you discover the right style for you, buy two pairs. When one falls into disrepair, you won’t be devastated if you find they’ve been discontinued.


Most denim specialists advise leaving jeans well alone. Washing them too often causes fading and wear and tear, so only wash them when it’s really necessary. Denim is a hardwearing fabric that doesn’t get dirty or start to smell easily. If you can’t bear to leave your jeans, make sure that when you do wash them you choose a cool cycle and that they are turned inside out.


Horizontal lines can make you look wider, while verticals and pinstripes are much more flattering and make you seem much taller.


While it’s true that dark colours makes you look slimmer, you don’t always have to restrict yourself to black. Navy, charcoal or dark grey all have the same flattering effect and are less harsh on paler skin tones.


Don’t skimp on the quality of casual clothes. Cheap fabrics look cheap and will deteriorate very quickly. Stick to 100% cottons, wools and silks with a little added Lycra to keep the shape and allow the garment some ‘give’.


Always sit down in an item of clothing when trying it on. What may fit while standing can pull or gape open once you sit down and ruin the shape of a garment completely.


Whatever you’re wearing you will always look better if you have great posture. Stand with your shoulders back and your head held high and you’ll instantly feel slimmer and more confident.

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