Girls hitch hiking in 1970s clothes

6 nostalgic habits making a comeback that 70s kids will love

Spam for dinner, anyone?

6 nostalgic habits making a comeback that 70s kids will love

This year is set to see a 70s revival that goes beyond the resurgence of flares and fringing. But wait – before you rush out and get that Bay City Rollers hair cut you so desperately loved, know that 2016's trip down memory lane will be more about retro lifestyle habits than fashion fads (although that suede fringing was still going strong on the SS16 catwalks), from what we eat to the holidays we take.  

Here are the nostalgic trends you can look forward to educating your kids about this year. Catch you on the flip-side...

Listening to music on vinyl

Last year, sales of vinyl grew faster than any other music format thanks to new generations falling in love with the scratchy quality of LPs. Of course, the music scene will never go back to its 70s heyday, but it’s still a great opportunity to dust off that old Doors record and practice your best Jim Morrison moves. 


Buying books from an actual shop

We really love our Kindle. It makes taking ten books on holiday and commuting on the train a breeze. However, our love for printed books will never die. And news reports recently have suggested this is a trend globally, as sales of books in bookshops rose 2.5% in 2015, making it the first time since 2007 that the printed word has seen an increase. Retro reading is back.


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Wearing lamé

Dust off the disco gear! Thanks to the Spring 2016 catwalks, shiny gold fabrics and ‘vintage redux’ is set to make a return to our summer wardrobes. More is more this year with pussy bow blouses, shiny pleated skirts, silk pyjama tops, sequins, tank tops... all to be worn at the same time. So long minimalism, you’ll be missed.


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Going tech free

Remember when your evenings weren’t spent looking at your phone, the TV and an iPad simultaneously? Well the analogue revolution is coming. If 2015 was the year of mindfulness, 2016 is set to be the year of the digital detox, with tech-free rooms being a focus of interior design, pubs and bars having phone free evenings and a general feeling of people wanting to limit screen time. A great way to make sure you're getting the best family time together? Tech-free nights in!


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Eating Spam for your tea

Can openers at the ready – Spam is back. According to food trend predictions, 2016 will be embracing the retro pressed meat with chefs and restaurants around the globe already incorporating Spam back into their menus. Expect to see plenty of Spam fries and Spam sushi (layered Spam on sushi rice with seaweed of course). Coming to a restaurant near you...


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Caravan holidays with the kids

It was a bumper year for caravan holidays in 2015, with Britons embracing the great staycation. The Camping and Caravanning Club reported a 4% increase in families going caravanning in the UK and they predict this rising further in 2016. Meanwhile the police reported a 20% increase in caravan thefts due to their increased desirability. You see, it's the sense of freedom you just don't get with other holidays.