These are the most Googled beauty questions of 2016

And we've got the answers

These are the most Googled beauty questions of 2016

What did we ever do before Google? We all must have been permanently confused. Or maybe we just asked our mums. 

Now if you're not sure how to do a French braid, or how to get rid of those constant bags under your eyes, you just 'Google it'. 

Which is exactly what we were all doing in 2016.

This week, Google released its 2016 'Year in Search' report and it seems we're still looking for answers to some of the most perplexing beauty questions. 

And we still don't know how to do a decent smokey eye. 

How many of these top beauty queries have you asked yourself in the last year? 

Top 10 beauty questions of 2016

1. How to make your hair grow faster?


Because we all want to do the hair flick like Beyonce. Sadly, we can't make hair grow faster, but here's how to make it healthier.

2. How to do a smokey eye?

Ah, the eternal question. Well, here's our handy guide.

3. How to do nail art?


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Christmas jumper nails here we come! 

4. How to make a face mask?

Avocados aren't just for putting on toast. Try our DIY avocado face mask here

5. How to French braid?

Plaits were surely what Pinterest was made for. 

6. How to wash make-up brushes?

All that contouring can get messy after all. See our guide to keeping it clean here

7. How to lose wrinkles on forehead?

The non-invasive option would be to look for beauty products that contain anti-ageing ingredients. And stop frowning! 

8. How to get rid of bags under your eyes?

We prescribe more sleep, but if that's not possible, there are creams that will soothe those tired eyes. 

9. How to get bigger lips?


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For a plumper pout, it's all about clever make-up tricks. XOXO. 

10. How to curl hair with straighteners?

Good question. Here's the answer to your curly-haired woes. 

Google also released the top fashion-related searches - so here's a quick snapshot of what fashion faux-pas were troubling us this year. 

Top 10 fashion questions


  1. How to cut sleeves off a shirt? 
  2. How do I start modelling?
  3. What is haute couture?
  4. How to wear booties with skinny jeans? 
  5. When can you start wearing white?
  6. How to become a fitness model?
  7. What is boho?
  8. What did people wear in the '90s?
  9. How to dress like a hippie?
  10. How to become a fashion designer? 

We'd just like to add an additional question to that list: who on earth refers to boots as 'booties'? 

*Types into Google*