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5 things to consider when buying baby clothes

New mum or expecting? Follow our top tips on how to keep your little one's wardrobe as fresh as can be

5 things to consider when buying baby clothes

Having a baby can be an exciting time, and we understand how much there is to think about.

From feeding your little one to soothing them, the last thing you need to worry about is how to dress them, too!

Which is why here at George, we’ve focused on crafting the perfect collection of soft, comfortable, and functional baby clothes. With so many options on the market, it can be a tad overwhelming choosing baby clothes your little one will find comfortable.

To make the process even easier, we’ve listed five of the most important factors that we’ve considered when creating the baby collection to help you along the way:

When it comes to the FABRICS

One of the main culprits that irritates a baby’s skin is the fabric. Babies will more than likely have sensitive skin, which is why you should opt for clothing crafted from pure cotton or fleece in the colder months. Additionally, you could choose soy-based fabrics and sustainable options which are great for the environment too, like rayon from bamboo.

Make sure the seams are completed and avoid or cut out scratchy tags which can also upset the skin. Our latest collection is made from 100% cotton exterior and lining. 



SAFETY comes first

It’s vital to choose baby clothes that don’t raise safety concerns. Avoid baby clothes with decorations such as bows, buttons, flowers and hooks as they can become a choking hazard. Instead, choose items that are made with flame-resistant fabric and are snug-fitting to safeguard babies from burns.

This can become even more important when they reach the age of 9-14 months, as they become more mobile during this age. 


Pick the right size 

Babies grow quickly so it’s best not to buy them too many clothes (even though this is easier said than done). New born clothing won’t fit for longer than a few months so resist buying too much in advance for them.

The correct size will allow your baby to move easily and comfortably. Always check the standard measurements if you’re unsure. If you’re struggling to pick a size, we’d recommend buying bigger sizes to compensate for growth spurts and this will also ensure that they can be removed easily. 




Always consider functionality when you’re buying baby clothes. As babies spend most of their time sleeping, it’s crucial to pick out soft, cosy and comfortable clothing items such as all-in-one pieces, sleeping bags and bodysuits.

You’ll also be washing their clothes over and over again, so choose some that will last through this and won’t require extra TLC to save you time and effort. Avoid knits and wool that can shrink and need specific laundering conditions. Our collection features full length zips for easy fastening and changing as well as poppers to prevent irritation and to allow for a secure fit. 



There’s no need to compromise on quality for the price. As mentioned, it’s important to consider fabric, safety and fit, which is what we’ve taken into consideration when creating this quality baby clothing line. Furthermore, babies grow quickly, so choose quality over quantity - because before you know it, they'll no longer fit into their clothes again.

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