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5 tips on how to care for your clothes

And make them last longer

5 tips on how to care for your clothes

If you hadn't guessed already, clothes are a huge passion of ours. And that's why we're all for keeping them looking as good as the day you bought them!

When it comes to looking after your garments, small changes - like washing on a lower temperature, turning them inside out or even doing zips up to prevent tears - can make a big difference in helping their wardrobe life span and doing your bit for the environment, too.  

Get into these good habits to help make your clothes last for years to come and you can look every inch the style king or queen all year round! 

1. Purchase quality pieces 

Since George at Asda first launched in 1989, we have built up a reputation based on quality, style and value. To demonstrate our commitment to providing affordable quality clothing that is made to last, we launched the first 100 days satisfaction guarantee which gives customers a whole 100 days to return any George own-brand clothing. 

But don't just take our word for it. In the October issue of Vogue magazine, Fashionista and author Zadie Smith wrote: “Cheap kids’ clothes in England are of astonishing quality when compared with their American equivalent.

'Every September our children are flattered at the school gate by Americans who have no idea that when I say, ‘It’s a brand called George,’ this means I bought it for a tenner in a supermarket called Asda”.'

2. Wash at 30 degrees (if your clothes allow) 

This is a great tip for saving energy and maximising your clothing's life span. But before you take the temperature down, be sure to check the care labels on your clothing. 

According to Persil, bright colours and dark colours prefer a cooler wash (think 30 degrees and below) as higher temperatures can cause them to lose their colour and dye. 

And the same can be said for jeans, as washing them often and on a high heat can cause the colour to fade. Plus, according to the Energy Saving Trust, washing clothes at 30 degrees uses around 40% less electricity over the course of a year compared to higher temperatures. It's a win, win. 

3. Repair your clothes

We've all been there. One trip, fall or snag and your beloved item of clothing will never be the same again.

But this year, we're encouraging you to get your needle and thread out and repair your garments, or get a seamstress on the case. 


4. Sort through your wardrobe

According to a recent study by Banardo's, us Brits potentially spent £2.7 billion on fashion this summer, and a lot of those items will only be worn once.

So, why not try to make more outfits out of the piles of clothes you have already got? From your 'winter wardrobe' stashed in the attic to old or new gems that you may have forgotten about - it's time to get creative with your outfits and what you wear.

5. Upcycle

Gone off your once-loved blouse? Why not turn it into something your love and use on a daily basis? Or try adding some patches and/or badges to an old pair of jeans and prepare for the compliments to roll in!

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