All Eyes on Drew

Hollywood icon Drew Barrymore chats exclusively to us about beauty, balance and her brilliant new eyewear range

All Eyes on Drew

Drew Barrymore is busy: she acts on both the big screen and the small (you can catch her now in Netflix zombie romcom Santa Clarita Diet); she's a mum of two (to Olive, six, and Frankie, four) and an entrepreneur, running her own FLOWER Beauty brand. She's also just launched new designs for her FLOWER Eyewear range – luckily, she found the time to chat to us... 

You're a self-confessed beauty junkie. How did you get into make-up?

I started acting when I was young, so I've been in make-up chairs from the age of six, and I used to love watching women like Dee Wallace (her co-star in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial) and Shelley Long (Irreconcilable Differences) transform. It's like watching the secrets of a woman. They'd come in all tired and closed up, then get their rollers in and their make-up done. I loved how the make-up made these women stand more elegant, more confidant. It had a huge impression on me and I was really into finding any make-up I could – putting eyeshadow on my temples and heavy rouge on my cheeks from the age of nine or ten.



A smile is better than any lipstick. Frankly, I don't care how good your hair and make-up is – the better you feel on the inside, the better it's going to make you look. Beauty is so within.

Smoky eye or a red lip?

A red lip. I do love a smoky eye, I can just throw on a lip any time. It's so simple but really effective.



Do you have a hero skincare product?

I'm really into sheet masks. The ones from South Korea are real game changers. I use one twice a week.

How do you find balance when you're feeling stressed out?

Balance...Ha! I feel like the last few years of my life have been so chaotic and overwhelming that I've made a promise to myself not to refer to 'balance' any more. 'Overwhelmed' just sounds like an excuse and you allow yourself to feel like you're constantly under things and that's a very helpless feeling. So I try to focus on words like 'proactive' and 'problem-solving' and concentrate on knowing where the light is at the end of the tunnel.

Where is your happy place?

At night in bed with my kids, when I ask them the same question I ask them every night of our lives: 'What was your favourite part of today?' And they tell me, and it's that moment when everything makes sense. It's the best part of my day.


Out of all your screen characters, who had the best style?

Dylan Sanders in Charlie's Angels comes to mind. I got to go undercover – one minute I was a race-car driver, the next I'd be in black tie or cool streetwear. That was the most fun, for sure.

Tell us about your eyewear range for Asda Opticians. Which is your favourite design?

I love eyewear so much I feel like it would be easier for me to create 100 pairs of glasses rather than four or six at a time – I just want to throw the kitchen sink at it! I try to be timeless, expressive but not over the top. I take a really feminine approach to it, like, what is going to make a woman look and feel good? Eyewear is like make-up in that you're choosing whethee to wear a transclucent frame, or a taupe or rose one. I have lots of different favourites, but at the moment I love the Maggie frame in olive green, which is so flattering. Also, I'm really fond of translucent frames, like our Lilly design.

Drew's FLOWER Eyewear range is exclusive to Asda Opticians