Clothes and hangers on sale

Get ready - the George Sale is coming on 29th Feb!

Be a savvy sale shopper with our top tips

Get ready - the George Sale is coming on 29th Feb!

Savvy shoppers at the ready: the big George sale is landing 29th Feb!

Sales can be a great place to pick up a bargain and with Asda's George sale, you don’t have to queue overnight to nab great quality deals. Just head over to George wherever you are – from your office, on your commute or even from the comfort of your own couch.

When it comes to making the most out of seasonal sales, it's easy go in full throttle and without the necessary preparation, which means you can sometimes end up missing out on the best deals. Thankfully there are some simple tricks that you can employ when sales shopping to ensure that you always leave feeling like you've nabbed a bargain. Follow our tips below and you’ll soon be impressing your family with your savvy finds.

Think ahead

Sales are the perfect time to invest and pick up items that you will need in the future, like seasonal attire such as warm winter clothes. For instance, why not take advantage of George's sale on Heavy Weight Coats from £10, Parkers from £5 and Fine Gauge Knitwear from £4? You'll be thanking yourself come October, when everyone is rushing around buying warm outerwear and your family is nice and toasty - plus it'll save you a few bob at the most expensive time of year (the dreaded run-up to Christmas).

Versatility matters

A sale is a great time to think of what items you can nab that traverse the seasons and trends, remaining classic and useful no matter the weather. Items such as Blazers, on sale from £4, and Workwear Dresses, available from £6, will always be a welcome addition to any work wardrobe. Go for colours that are classic, such as black, navvy or grey, or why not pick up brighter options to add a pop of colour to your wardrobe, for an instant lift any time of year?

Make a list and check it twice

We’ve all fallen prey to purchasing that jumper that doesn’t suit us at all because the price was just too good to resist. This is where preparation is key. Before you get sucked in, have a browse on the website and think about the items you actually need or want and make a list. You'll know what to make a beeline for in the sale, and might find that that coat you’ve been lusting after has a discount after all! This also helps pre-empt buyers remorse on items you actually never wanted in the first place. Win win.

Head over to George to be first in line for the sales on 29th Feb. Are you a savvy shopper? Let us know your top sales tips by using #goodliving.