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Behind the scenes: The making of the George Back to School advert

As George celebrates its 30th year as the go-to brand for schoolwear, we get a sneak peek at its new TV ad, coming soon to a screen near you

Behind the scenes: The making of the George Back to School advert

Entire worlds are built in the playground through the power of imagination.

And George’s new Back To School TV advert – created to show off the quality, smart design and durability of George school uniform – helps children do just that.

The ground-breaking advert evolved from an inspiring collaboration between the people who make the clothes and the kids who wear them – with fabulous results!

So how did it work? First, George’s Class of 2019 were asked to share their favourite playground game.

The answer was unanimous – tag! Then they were tasked with drawing the imaginary monsters they believed were chasing them. Their designs were brought to life by CGI and used in the final version of the ad you see on screen.

Importantly, it’s not just their imaginations that kids develop when masterminding make-believe monsters. Did you know that play helps enhance resilience as well
as emotional and social skills?

It’s just one reason why Asda colleagues and customers are raising money to help more than 20,000 disadvantaged children in the UK develop vital skills through play – all while having fun.

Drawing inspiration 

From young imaginations do big monsters spring! These cheeky chappies are the result of George’s little helpers putting pen to paper. The makers of the new advert took features from each child’s drawing to create the comical multi-eyed CGI creature you see in the final edit (below).

And there's more

It’s the question we all love to ask our kids – what do you want to be when you grow up?


This clever new Back to School campaign from George gives us the children’s answers in shadow form. From astronauts to superheroes (complete with flowing capes), each shadow highlights the power of their imaginations – and the shape of the futures awaiting them!

Fun and games

Play allows children to experience learning in a meaningful and purposeful way, all while stimulating their imagination and natural curiosity. This is why, together with BBC Children in Need, George is championing the power of play.

‘Since 1999, George at Asda has been in partnership with BBC Children in Need, raising £23 million to help disadvantaged children and young people,’ says Claire Hoyle, Commercial Director of BBC Children in Need. ‘And we’re hoping this year’s fundraising will be the best yet!’



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