Child wearing sunglasses

Your kids will love these new George sunglasses

From flamingo-printed ones to aviator shades - protect little ones this summer in style

Your kids will love these new George sunglasses

Keeping children's eyes protected from the sun's damaging UV rays is just as important as safeguarding their skin. You wouldn't send your little ones into the sunshine without rubbing on some suncream, would you? And it's for the same reasons which children shouldn't play in the sun without some suitable sunglasses.

Luckily, George has got just the thing this summer with its new range of kids' sunnies which start from £1.50 and offer 100% UV protection. The specs also have a filter category 3, which means they have a high protection against sun glare. And did we mention they look great too?

To help keep your children’s eyes safe during summer bike rides and long beach trips, George's sunglasses expert, Jas Kaur, has given us her tops tips for parents when it comes to buying sunglasses. 

1. Avoid toy sunglasses

"Toy sunglasses aren’t good enough," Jas said. "They lack UV-protection and are unlikely to have the required robustness to protect your child satisfactorily. However, they are plenty of cartoon character and fun themed options that offer real protection, so you can keep the kids happy and put your own mind at ease."

2. Spot the stickers

Jas said: "Sunglasses for children should block 99 to 100% of damaging UV radiation, so check they have a UV-Protection sticker and the all-important CE and British Standard marked labels."

3. Go for darker lenses

Lenses should also block about 75-90% of light. "So, go for a dark tint (Cat. 3) for children to help block out excessive glare from the sun," Jas explained. "It’s always better to have clarity of vision in very bright sunlight."

4. Check the fit

We’re all guilty of letting our little one’s ‘grow into things’ and while dad’s shades might look cute for a photo, sunglasses must be well fitted to provide good eye coverage and fit comfortably. Jas said "As a rule, sunglasses should line up with your brow, so pop a pair on your child and see how they measure up and see which they like best."

5. It’s a wrap

Don't forget to block sideways rays. "Make sure the sunglasses are big enough for your child’s head or have some kind of “wrap around” feature to help block rays coming in the sides of the frames," Jas added. "A wraparound style may also be good for keeping out sand and allergens on those sunny beach and picnic days."

6. Set an Example

An obvious one, but we all know children look up to mums and dads. "So make sure you wear your own sunglasses if you want your kids to do the same," Jas explained. 

7. Don’t break the bank

Expensive designer sunnies might be all the rage for grown-ups however, good quality, sunglasses that deliver on UV protection for children don’t need to cost a lot. "Remember, kids will be kids," Jas said. "So good quality at a good price means you can get a couple of spare pairs just in case!"

Make sure you stock up on your children's sunglasses at your local George store. All sunglasses will be in stock until August 19th and start from £1.50 and go up to £4.