Fathers day fashion

Daddy cool: Father’s Day fashion for every age

We mark Father's Day by celebrating the unique bond between dads and their sons — and we style them in the latest collection from George...

Daddy cool: Father’s Day fashion for every age

To celebrate Father's Day, we sat down with two father and son duos to talk about how they each influence each others' fashion senses.

Fashion enthusiast Nathan Rous, 43, lives in Shropshire and works as a PR director. His son Noah is 18.

"Every type of relationship can go through loads of ups and downs, and that is definitely true of having a teenager. Let’s be honest, having a teen can be tough; they’re always trying to move onto the next thing that’s bigger and better than the last. But me and Noah? We’ve got a really special bond. Sometimes, I’ll catch myself thinking, 'Yeah, we’re mates,' and then I’m like, 'Oh no, wait, I’m actually your dad!'

"People always say to me and Noah, 'You can totally tell that you two are father and son.' And I love that. The older Noah gets, the more like me he becomes. Until a few years ago we’d even wear a lot of the same stuff. But not so much now that he’s all grown up. 

"He used to be into fashion brands, big and small, but now he’s got the confidence to wear whatever he wants, and for me, it’s been lovely to watch him grow. I’m always up for new trends myself, but I’ll add a little twist, like turning up my trousers to reveal some ankle. I like to make a look my own. I hope Noah’s inherited a bit of my 'wear it and own it' attitude when it comes to his own fashion sense. Confidence is the key to everything and I hope I’ve taught him that."

Nathan wears: shirt, trousers
Noah wears: shirt (available June 3rd), shorts

Style-savvy Noah Rous is Nathan’s son. He’s currently at college studying computer graphics, outdoor education and business studies.

"Me and my dad, we have a jokey relationship. We’re always laughing together. It’s more like we’re mates. Dad’s always been able to walk into a room and talk to anybody and everybody from all walks of life. If he’s taught me anything, it’s to have a bit of attitude – and the swag to wear whatever you want and hold your head up high.

"I’ve always been into style, but it was only recently I stopped caring about what people think. And I have to give Dad some of the credit for that; he really helped me to be who I want to be.

"Another thing he’s passed down is the way he always turns his sleeves right up. I don’t actually know why he does it – maybe it’s to show off those big guns! But now I’ve found myself doing it. And I love it. 

"Sleeves aside, I’d describe my own fashion sense as a cross between hippie and stylish. I love funky shirts because they’ve got the wow factor. People might shy away from them, but I love making a statement. Dad’s taught me that fashion is like an illusion – you can be a different person every day of the week if you want. All you need is confidence."

Nathan wears: shirt, trousers
Noah wears: shirt, shorts

Sports lover Elvis Jolley, 60, is a security guard from Surrey. His stepson Sam is 24.

"I’ve always brought Sam up like he is one of my own. I got to know him when he was young – around 11 – and since then, I’ve watched him grow from a boy into a man. It’s crazy how quickly the time has gone. 

"We now work together as security guards at Gatwick Airport, which is great. Everyone is constantly telling us that we are so similar because we have the same mannerisms. I can’t actually see it myself, but we do share a lot of the same interests – including supporting Arsenal Football Club. We are both completely sports-mad, even if we do argue a lot over whether the ball is offside or not! 

"We don’t always see eye to eye on fashion either – although we both love casual wear, Sam always takes the mickey out of me for wearing brightly coloured socks with my jeans. I’m not afraid of colour, but I like to keep things smart with a more dressy top. I’m also crazy about shoes. I’ve lost count of how many pairs I’ve got in the wardrobe!"

Elvis wears: jacket, jeans, shoes
Sam wears: polo shirtjeanstrainers

Gymgoer Sam Strachan, 24, is Elvis’s stepson. He works with Elvis as a security guard and lives in West Sussex.

"I might not be biologically related to my stepdad, but since I first met 'Pups' as I call him, he has been such a role model. The character that I have become – everything about me, from being humble, calm and genuine – it all comes from Elvis. 

“'Pups' doesn’t give to receive. He just gives if he can. He has always been there for me and for that, I’ll be forever grateful. The first time I met him, he was sporting a shirt and tight red leather trousers. I took one look and thought, 'What is he wearing?' But I soon learned that 'Pups' likes to be different. He doesn’t want to follow other people’s trends and that’s why I adore him. He’s so loveable and funny, if not a bit dopey in his old age. 

"His fashion sense? Now that’s suave. He’ll always wear jeans, a smart top and then team them with some really colourful socks. That’s something he’s passed down to me – the smart bit, not the socks! He’s taught me to keep certain clothes for best, so there’s always a difference between when you’re going out and when you’re going out out. So if I’m not in gym gear, I’ll be in a smart top, a pair of jeans and boat shoes. With normal socks!"

Elvis wears: polo shirt, jeans
Sam wears: t-shirt, jeans, trainers

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