Tricky Denim Dilemmas Solved: How To Find The Perfect Jeans for Your Shape

Exhausted from several shopping attempts to find a pair of jeans? Find out what styles and cuts are best for your body shape with our guide.

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Tricky Denim Dilemmas Solved: How To Find The Perfect Jeans for Your Shape

There are very few things in life that are harder than buying the perfect pair of jeans.
Our bodies are constantly changing. Our hormones have a mind of their own and can cause our weight to fluctuate – even when we’re trying our hardest to eat healthily and exercise regularly.
Follow our tips to find jeans that flatter your figure, no matter what shape you are. From petite, tall, apple, hourglass to pear shapes, we’ve laid down the dos and don’ts of denim shopping and we’re telling you now, it’s going to change your life! 

From petite, tall, apple, hourglass to pear shapes, we’ve laid down the dos and don’ts of denim shopping

1.    Body Type: Petite

 Don’t let your small frame drown in denim! Look for a pair of jeans that will elongate your legs. The good news is that you’ve a few different options, you lucky thing!


  • Do reach high: Mid-rise and high-rise styles are great cheat styles to add a few inches to your legs. 
  • Do keep it tight: If you prefer a tighter pair for your denim collection, look for a slim-cut or a pair of skinnies. Finish with a small heel for some extra height.  


  • Don’t think bigger is better: When shopping, proportions are very important, so avoid styles with oversized buttons or pockets, which can overwhelm your figure.
  • Don’t go dark: A lesson in light and proportions here, just like when you contour your face, lighter colours accentuate your features and darker colours hide them so look for faded denim or distressed looks that will add curves to your silhouette.


2.    Body Type: Tall/Athletic

 Taller ladies and women with athletic bodies have the luxury of choice. Show off your endless legs by wearing 70s-inspired denim flares or a straight leg.


  • Do hike it up: A higher rise will not only have others envious of your long legs but it will accommodate longer torsos and be a godsend when you sit down. Better yet, look for a pair with a longer inseam – never worry about flashing again!
  • Do look for decorative details: Back pockets and any other strategically placed details on your behind are great for adding dimension to taller frames. It’s all about creating balance! 


  • Don’t go baggy: Baggy styles won’t do your boyish figure any favours but if you love your comfort, we’ll meet you halfway and allow a pair of cropped boyfriend jeans, which will keep you looking casual but chic and give you a shapely boost, bonus! 

3.    Body Type: Hourglass

You’ve been blessed with curves to kill and a beautifully defined waist, so the worst thing you could do is hide your well-balanced assets. Flaunt your figure with straight cuts, or even them out with wide-legged trouser styles that are even appropriate for work – either way, look taller, thinner and trimmer in no time!


  • Do leave a little room: Straight cuts or wide-legged trousers with a mid-rise will balance out your natural curves. Say it with us, roomy but not baggy.
  • Do be creative: While colours and textures aren’t for everyone, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Experiment with ankle-grazers and cropped jeans and don’t be afraid to pick up moto-style pairs with zips.


  • Don’t ride low: Lower rises let it all hang out so higher rises are what you want. They hide all signs of a muffin top, holding your tummy in for a nice, smooth silhouette.
  • Don’t bleach: Steer clear of acid washes and faded knees. Clean lines are great for minimising any bumps – don’t worry we all have them. 

4.    Body Type: Apple Shaped

 Your friends have been telling you for years and we’re going to tell you the exact same thing, just because you have a little tummy doesn’t mean you can’t rock jeans.
If your muffin top is putting you off, look for styles that can be cleverly camouflaged by styles with concealed elasticated waistbands and hidden control panels.


  • Do know stretchy is sexy: A pair with a good stretch (look at the percentage of spandex) will have a fabulous slimming effect and hug your body in all the right places.
  • Do stay skinny: Skinny jeans will emphasise your slender bottom half, but if you still want space to move, a classic straight cut will work just fine. 


  • Don’t kick it high: Try a low or mid-rise style that doesn’t get too close to your middle section. Fussy high waists will only annoy you, especially when seated, and that’s not the point of jeans is it?

5.    Body Type: Pear Shaped 

Pear-shaped friends, you look best in styles that will flatter your curvy hips. This includes low-rise flares, relaxed bootcuts or straight legs. These cuts will help show off your assets while hiding your not-so-favourite areas – it couldn’t be easier!


  • Do brave a pattern: Faded, not loud patterns can distract the eye away from unflattering bulges. Pair your new jeans with a light coloured top that ends just below the widest point of your hips.
  • Do nip it in: Look for a pair with a dip in its waistband when you hold them up. Once you find them, treat them like gold, the curved waist will add lovely definition to your shape. For a more nipped in look, swing a belt around you to create a stronger waistline.


  • Don’t lighten up: Now to test if you’ve been paying attention. Tighter hues on the bottom and darker hues up the top will do what exactly? Stick to dark denim and the spotlight will be on that fab shirt you’re sporting. 


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